Monday, August 13, 2012

Year One

Exactly 366 days ago (remember, 2012 was a leap year!), I put on a gorgeous white dress,

 took my dad's arm and walked down the aisle,

to exchange vows

and commit myself to my most favorite person on the planet.

I've occasionally heard that the first year of marriage is the hardest, and prior to being married, I always poo-pooed that idea. Turns out, I was a little premature in my assessment.  Obviously I've only been married for one year so I can't weigh in on whether year one is any easier or harder than year five or year fifty-five, but I can definitely say that year one wasn't without its challenges.  I dated Mr. Snow Cone for just shy of nine years before exchanging vows and rings, so I was quite confident that I knew every nook and cranny of his existence.  And I still do feel that way today.

However, I'd say the biggest lesson from year one was that I didn't really know myself.  Specifically, I had never taken the time to recognize how my personality would both mesh and conflict with another's on an every-day, every-minute basis.  You see, Mr. Snow Cone and I had never lived together before getting married, and as a result, we had our fair share of "You're kidding me, right?" moments.  I'd be fibbing if I said every moment of the past year was newlywed bliss.  Heck, I'd probably be fibbing if I said every moment of the past year was newlywed civility or tolerance!

To me, though, the important thing is this -- 366 days in, and I can now, more clearly than ever, understand what our relationship needs in order to work and why it works.  We're far from perfect, but that's OK.  Even though our marriage may have its flaws, those truly pale in comparison to the strengths and supports that are fundamental to its success.  He brings out the best parts of me, plain and simple.  I can only hope I do the same to him.

Here's to many more years of laughter! (And don't forget that you can find out what the Snow Cones are up to at my new blog, The Strawberry Blonde Life!)

All photos courtesy of Christina Garber


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