Monday, January 31, 2011

Just trust me: the sequel

I may, occasionally, enter a discussion about a wedding planning detail with a clear vision in my head.  And I may, occasionally, pledge my undying allegiance to that clear vision, poo-pooing any other option in favor of my own pre-conceived decision.  And this fun little system of mine may have bitten me in the butt once before.  You'd think I would have learned my lesson after getting taken to bridal gown school, but no.  Instead,when brainstorming wedding flowers, I did the exact same thing.  I became 100% obsessed with one line of thought and judo-chopped every other idea out of my head.  I may have been a bit off-base in my pre-dress shopping dress decisions, but obviously that couldn't happen again with my pre-flower shopping flower decisions.  Duh.

Before speaking to a single florist, I had about 95% of the details all hammered out.  The main flower would be hydrangea, with touches of roses here and there, just to mix it up.  I wanted the bridesmaids to have very small, tightly-constructed bouquets comprised entirely of green hydrangea, and I wanted to have a bridal bouquet that was formed with white hydrangea instead of green and I wanted one that was a bit bigger, a bit fuller, and had some roses mixed in.  The guys wouldn't be in boutonnieres, but they would be donning pocket squares instead.  The centerpieces would be a blend of high and low, made of mostly hydrangea, to give the reception room some visual interest.  Need some pictures to get the idea?

Image via Studio Stems / Photo by Lindsay Jane Studios / Bouquets by Studio Stems

 Image via OneWed

 Image via WeddingBee Boards

 Image via Real Flowers Pics

Even though I had a clear vision overall, I had one decision that I was utterly positive about.  Even though purple is in our color palette - no purple flowers.  I thought it would be stupid to have purple flowers held against a purple BM dress, I don't like the purple flowers that immediately come to mind for me, and I wanted the colors to pop, so purple was out.

Image via Wedding Flowers (for the photo without the big, angry X that was added by moi)

Like I said before... there's no way I could be wrong about my dress and wrong about my flowers.  No way, whatsoever.

What was your floral vision before picking a florist?  Any flowers that were definitely not going to be included?


  1. I'm my own florist (yes, I'm doing the unthinkable...DIYing all the flowers) but I change my mind all the time. Originally I said "absolutely no calla lilies, everyone uses them" but guess what...right now I think I'm going to use callas, haha.

  2. Just so you know, this made me laugh REALLY hard. I am totally with you on being DEDICATED to an idea... and then I try to change my mind in a sneaky super-casual way like the original idea was no-big-deal-at-all. HA.

    Good luck with the florist. I had a different experience... I knew what I wanted going in and I felt like she wasn't hearing a word I was saying. She kept suggesting stuff I thought was ugly and did NOT go with the style I had suggested to her.

  3. oh and check out my wedding blog!

  4. I heart hydrangeas and have become kind of obsessed with them too. I am totally stealing the fourth picture down for my inspiration folder. Good luck with the florist!