Friday, January 7, 2011

Special delivery!


No, not that type of special delivery.  I'm talking about a lovely white box that stood waiting at my apartment upon my return from classes today.

personal photo
That's right.  I took the plunge and ordered some wedding shoe options. 

In an attempt to keep every aspect of my wedding day look a secret, I'm going to ask my groom-to-be to stop reading now.  Muchas gracias.

As I outlined before, I was prepared for a lengthy and trying search for the perfect wedding shoes.  I wanted flats, bling, fun, comfort, peeptoe, and maybe a pop of color.  Given that lengthy list of characteristics in the perfect shoe, I figured I'd strike out and have to settle for something close-ish.  Thankfully, the internet came through for me, as it has in so many other instances.  I was poking around a website when a sidebar ad featured a shoe that looked like it was worth investigating.  Let me introduce you to the Me Too Stellina:

I had already spent more hours than I would like to count scouring Zappos for some shoe options, but I must have missed these!  I immediately ordered two pairs to make sure I got the right fit.  I also decided to take a more traditional approach and order a pair of more "bridal"-looking shoes.  I selected the Nina Beamer.

I was eagerly awaiting this delivery all week, anxious to see if the Stellinas or the Beamers would be the shoe to wear at the wedding.  Let's just say that it didn't take long at all until the package looked like this:

personal photo

Three pairs of shoes.  One pair of feet.  Which one would prevail?!

 personal photo

How was your shoe search different than what you expected?  Did you take a gamble and order online, or go the more traditional approach and visit the stores in person?

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