Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our quest to invite our guests: round one

Now that all of you in blog-land are spending every free minute pining over my soon-to-be-revealed STD, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to talk about more paper.  Specifically, invitations.  This chapter of wedding planning was quite the saga, but I'm pleased as punch to report that there's a happy ending to it all.  And now I invite you to relax, let me pull up a chair as this blogger proudly presents... our invitation quest (10 points if you name that movie reference!)

(here's a hint!)

I didn't really start the invitation search with any real inspiration (probably mistake numero uno).  Right off the bat, I kind of defaulted into the mindset that I would partially DIY them, using a kit from the Brides line available at Michael's craft stores.  My SIL had used these kits for her wedding, and the invitations turned out spectacularly.  In addition to the polished final look, I have clear memories of her remarking at the cost-savings this invitation strategy allowed.  Nice look and less money?  Check and check!

And then I went to my local Michael's to scout out my options.  Let's just say... I was kind of non-plussed.  I knew I wanted a pop of color, and nothing too decorated.  Here's what I found in the purple family:

I wasn't really digging the weird quasi-floral, quasi-vine scroll detailing, nor was I in love with the stark purple and ivory (and only purple and ivory) color palette on these suckers.  I also kind of broke into a nervous sweat when thinking about waging war with my home printer when printing these.  And, knowing how most people cope under pressure and stress, after battling with my printer, GG would probably be next on the bridal stress hit-list.  So, why would I willingly sign myself up for something that was going to be a headache and a half without creating a finished look I was gaga over?  Uncheck and uncheck!

So, as quickly as the whole Michael's idea popped into my head, it popped its way right back out.  Next up: my brilliant idea that I could totally DIY our wedding invitations.  Can't be that hard... right?

How long did it take you to pick out your invitations?  Were you lucky on the first try, or did you have to go back to the drawing board, like me?


  1. I'm going the complete DIY route as well...it worries me but I'm excited at the same time. I know it will be a lot of work for something that people will likely look at and throw away, but I'll be happy to a) get exactly what I want and b) be able to say I made them, lol!

  2. You're a much braver soul than I am! Can't wait to see how it all turns out for you.

  3. I was terrible when it came to invitations---I had absolutely no idea what I liked, I just knew that everything I saw online, I hated. I was a difficult customer :)

    My FSIL has a stationary business and she designed a very simple, modern invitation that was lilac and ivory and I *loved* it. Since she knew my personality and the personality of our wedding, she was able to design us something beautiful (they are on my blog if you want to see them!)

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