Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hair Flair

For the majority of the wedding planning process, I've had a pretty good handle on the type of hairstyle I want to sport on my wedding day.  I know what my hair can handle and what it can't, I know what shapes flatter my face as much as possible, and I know exactly what hair accessory I want to don for the big day.

Here's what I'm thinking.

The look: I want a low updo with lots of curls in the back, but a pretty tight construction.  I've previously lamented my hair's inability to withstand humidity.  I'm not terribly interested in having a hairstyle that may or may not survive through the wedding day.  I figure that a gross of bobby pins and a gallon of hairspray should cement a good updo in place, helping me to handle whatever the Western PA weather gods throw my way in August.  I also want some side bangs and a subtle part to add some visual interest to the front angle of the hairstyle.  Instead of rambling on and on about what looks I like, I figured I'd just let the pictures do the explaining.

No matter which variation of this general hair strategy I ultimately choose, there's one detail that is definitely set in stone.

The accessory: I know that big, lush hair flowers are all the rage right now, and they are undoubtedly gorgeous.  The reality is, though, that these large, fluffy, soft accessories don't match my personal style, my bridal look, or the overall tone of the wedding.  Fortunately, I know of the perfect adornment to add to my hairstyle for a little extra pop of glitz.  Enter, the haircomb.

personal photo

This doodad has seen me through many high school dances, all with Mr. Snow Cone.  It dates all the way back to a family vacation to NYC in 2003.  I had the big holiday dance coming up and needed a hair accessory, so my mom and I decided to pop into Saks Fifth Avenue, just to see if they had anything.  Sure enough, we quickly spotted this simple comb.  Not very big, this comb manages to infuse some serious class into whatever hairstyle it decorates.  It's got diamond and pearl accents, making it the ideal complement to virtually any jewelry or outfit.  Before I picked a dress, a veil, a hairstyle, or a jewelry set, I picked this comb.  It's the perfect match for my bridal vision, plus it has a healthy dose of nostalgia, too.  This combination of style and sentiment made it a no-brainer for a wedding hair accessory.

What's your bridal hairstyle?  Any fun accessories to go along with it?


  1. love it!!!! make sure you try try try til you find a look you love!!

  2. I love that hairstyles! The haircomb is so pretty and if it fits you, definitely go with it. I'm doing a low loose curly bun and I have a hair accessory that is feathers and polka dotted tulle!