Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Table for two, please.

Back in my pre-engaged days, I came across a wedding concept that was new to me - the sweetheart table.  Admittedly, at first, I thought this was quite an idiotic idea.  Why would you gather all your friends and family up in one place and then proceed to seclude just yourself and the groom in a special, almost off-limits dining zone?  It just didn't click.  However, now that we're getting closer to W-Day, I've definitely changed my tune.  And here's why.

We have a pretty extensive bridal party - 7 on each side.  With that size, I wasn't enamored with most conventional head table set-ups.  If we do one long table, it will be one long table.  I want our bridal party members to have a fun reception, and plopped down at the no-man's-land end of the long head table isn't my idea of fun.  You don't get to see or talk to that many other people without leaving your seat, plus you're facing the entire crowd of guests, meaning they can watch you eat.  And that's just creepy to me.

Another popular option is a U-shaped head table.  This helps to make the whole bridal party crowd feel a bit more connected, since at least you can put your eyes on everyone else without craning around, but it's not a realistic option for us.  It still makes having lively conversation a bit difficult, plus, a large, U-shaped table isn't a very effective use of space in our reception venue.  

In addition to the logistical and space issues a head table would present, it doesn't really allow for any private time between the bride and the groom.  I've repeatedly read and heard that the day goes by in an instant and many people regret not taking some moments here and there to just be with their new spouse.  I was really enchanted with the idea of having a few (relatively) private moments with Mr. Snow Cone as we enjoy our reception dinner.  Between my desire for some quality time with the new hubby and my lack of dedication to a traditional head table, it was decided - we're having a sweetheart table.

I'm really excited about this decision.  We get to have the best of both worlds, as we'll be one-on-one at our own table through the meal, but our bridal party members will be seated at tables immediately flanking our sweetheart table.  This entire set-up just seems more relaxed and at ease, which sounds pretty perfect for a way to unwind after a busy beginning to our wedding day.

To whet your sweetheart table appetite, here are a few photos to show off exactly how cute a table for two can be:

Image via WeddingBee Boards
Image via Wedding Paper Divas 
Image via Etsy / Photo by Orange Girl Photographs / Banner by Etsy seller FunkyShique
Image via Wedding Window
/ Photo & Design by Designs by Hemingway 
See?  Totally adorable!

What are your thoughts on a sweetheart table?


  1. We did a sweetheart table and it was the best decision. So nice to have those moments together during a busy day!

  2. Sweetheart table alllll the way. I agree that sitting the bridal party in the front for everyone to see is sort-of creepy.

  3. I could have written this exact same post because I was the sammme way. Totally against it at first, but now so excited by it. Everyone told me it was the only way to go, and now I love the idea!

  4. Found your blog through WeddingBee!

    I've been pro-sweetheart table from the start. Like you, we have a 14 person wedding party, and a few people who are in it, but their SOs aren't. We didn't want to leave all those poor couple stranded apart during dinner, or squeeze even more people into an already packed table, so we're going the Table for Two route as well.
    BTW, I loooove that one pic with the XOXO bunting. So cute!

  5. Found your blog through WB!

    We have a 12 person bridal party, plus us, so the traditional head table was out.
    Our way of dealing with it was to have us, and then the two MOH's and two Best Men up with us. That would fit on our stage perfectly, and the rest of the bridal party could sit with the rest of the guests.

    However, you've got me thinking. We may need to work this one out.

  6. I was sooo anti-sweetheart table until our coordinator pointed out the pros. I'm so excited now!

  7. I think a sweetheart table it a cute idea and looks great. But I think it's quite likely that you won't have a chance to both sit down there at the wedding. And it makes me sad that the sweetheart table has a chance of never being used. That's one of the reason why I like bridal party tables better, because that way there's at least someone at the table

  8. Thanks for sharing the inspiration photos- they make me more confident that having a sweetheart table is the way to go, even though my venue and florist have never heard of anything but the huge head table :)

  9. Yeah I also did same. Sweetheart table idea was loved by everyone in my wedding at San Francisco wedding venues. Everything was managed perfectly by wedding planner. Decoration was done with white and purple Lilly flowers.

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