Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Drooooooool: Cocktail Munchies

In addition to figuring out the beverage situation, we also nailed down what our lovely guests (and ourselves!) would be noshing on during the reception.  A few weeks back, I sent our coordinator a list of our favorite foods, hoping she could work in a handful, making the meal a smidge more personal. Here's a sampling of the list I sent her: macaroni and cheese, pulled pork, mini hot dogs, croquettes, Italian food, and raspberries.  Not exactly the most streamlined or cohesive palette, eh?  I was hoping we'd get the chance to incorporate one or two of these dishes, but our coordinator had other plans.

My parents, GG, and I headed off to the tasting expecting to have a bite of this or a nibble of that.  Two hours and four very full stomachs later, we realized exactly how wrong we had been (not that we're complaining, of course).

And now, ladies and gents, here is the first chapter of our wedding menu.

During cocktail hour, we'll have three hot appetizers and three cold appetizers.  For hot appetizers, we're having mini pulled pork and coleslaw crostinis, scallops in pastry shells with an Asian slaw, and mini Reuben sandwiches.  I forgot to take a picture before we inhaled these morsels of perfection, so here are some similar images:

Our cold appetizers will consist of an antipasto (highlighting GG's Italian heritage), seared ahi tuna with wasabi sauce, and a vegetable crudité.  Take a peek (once again, my stomach works faster than my brain, so my camera was nowhere to be found while I forced food into my mouth):

All 4 of us quickly came to consensus when picking the three hot dishes and the three cold ones.  I think we managed to come up with selections that blended some familiar crowd pleasers with some original, personalized options, too.  Trust me when I say that we were quite satisfied with the offerings and our selections.  And trust me even more when I say that, even though I'm supremely excited for our cocktail hour food, I'm beside myself with glee regarding our actual reception fare.  Coming up next: dinner is served!

What's your favorite food from your cocktail hour menu?

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