Sunday, March 27, 2011

Where marriage advice and sports collide

After evaluating our guest book options, we were at an impasse.  We liked the idea of having something that we could display in our home after the wedding, but we also liked the idea of having a guest book that would allow our friends and family to leave us more personalized messages than just a signature.  Instead of picking one over the other, we just decided to do both options!

For our decor item, as per Mr. Snow Cone's suggestion, we're incorporating our college sports teams.  We're planning to have a Notre Dame football and a Pitt basketball available for our guests to sign.

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Although this idea never crossed my mind in my preliminary brainstorming, I think it's a pretty darned good option for us.  We both bleed blue and gold, as they say... just for different teams.  By using the football and basketball, we get to show off our school pride, personalize a small touch of the entire wedding day, and walk away with a cool piece of sports+wedding memorabilia to be displayed for years to come.  Admittedly, Pitt and Notre Dame are pretty big rivals; however, as Mr. Snow Cone put it, because we're highlighting different sports, it works out OK... there's no direct competition going on here.

The second phase of our wedding guest book will consist of index cards available for our guests to write personal messages to us.  Ideally, these messages will consist of a combination of marriage advice, predictions, and well-wishes.  We're planning to have a small stack of cards and some pens at each reception table so our guests can fill them out during the dinner portion, while time and sobriety are hopefully abounding. I'm looking forward to having some personal notes from our loved ones that we can store and hold onto for our years of marital bliss.

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What are you using for your guest book?  Are you taking a traditional approach, or something more modern?

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  1. That's a great idea! I did a thumbprint guestbook tree and a wish/advice vase.