Monday, March 14, 2011

Living up to the phrase "pearly whites"

We're less than 3 months away from the wedding, which means it's the perfect time for me to begin having irrational concerns about the wedding, and more importantly, my wedding day appearance.  This week's freak-out is all about the teeth.  Specifically, I have two main concerns: color and straightness.

Who doesn't want white teeth any day of the week, let alone on a day when a few hundred people will be staring at you and snapping a few hundred photos?  I'm really nervous that I'll be less than thrilled with the whiteness of my teeth come wedding day.  I have visions of getting the photos back and having a reaction similar to this series of events:
Video via YouTube

I don't want the term "mother of pearl" to even pass through my mental registry on, or after, the wedding day.  I want to be able to flash my grin with complete and total confidence, knowing it's undeniably white.

This isn't my first time around the teeth-whitening block.  I have a multipronged approach, figuring at least one of these tricks has to work.

My strategy is to employ as many whitening products as I can over a long period of time, hoping to produce a gradual effect without shocking my mouth into hyper-sensitivity.
Mouthwash via Our Thrifty Ideas, Toothpaste via Veneers Tooth, Whitening Strips via Best Buy to Low
Collage made by me. 

I'm hoping that if I consistently employ a combo-attack of whitening toothpaste and whitening mouthwash over the next few months, I'll see a noticeable difference.  Then, in the few weeks closest to the actual wedding, I'll pounce with the whitening strips, finishing the job up right.

My teeth are pretty straight, courtesy of 2.5 years of awesomely cool braces.

personal photo
However, my teeth aren't 100% straight, courtesy of my lack of retainer-wearing for the past 5 years or so.  I know it's an imperfection that only I would notice about myself, but it's become a nagging voice in the back of my head.  I've almost convinced myself that my glaring dental alignment issues will be visible to everyone in each and every one of our wedding photos.  Hence, the freak-out.

I was a diligent retainer-wearer for the 5 years after my braces were removed.  The last thing I wanted was another round of metal mouth.  However, when I went to college and being cool trumped having perfectly straight teeth, the retainers got the boot.  But, not before I convinced my parents to buy me a new set of retainers to replace the biohazards I'd been wearing for the previous 5 years.  So, in order to try and alleviate my straight teeth concerns, I've dug out my "new" set from 5 years ago and have been wearing them for a couple hours every couple of days.  I know that this miniscule amount of time won't do poo-diddly, but I can only handle wearing them for a bit at a time, since they're pretty much pushing my teeth in directions my teeth aren't interested in going.  I figure if I keep this little game up, either the discomfort will go away, or I'll just get better at ignoring it, and I can eventually get to the point where I sleep in retainers through the night... like the mature, grown woman I am.

Just in case neither of these plans of attack work to allay my dental concerns, I do have a little trick up my sleeve.  I just take a peek at our engagement pictures; no off-kilter teeth or stains to be seen.  Either my smile is better than I give it credit for, or our photographer is even more awesome than I give her credit for!

What are your bridal beauty concerns?  Have any great strategies for white teeth that you care to share??


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  2. I'm worried about whiteness too!
    When I buy the toothpaste, it's always whitening, but the last tube was bought by my FI, and he got us tarter control. Grrrr...

    Next tube will be whitening again!
    I'll also be getting whitening mouth wash AND floss. I want pearly whites!

  3. you know...i was just thinking about the whiteness and straightness of my teeth today too! great brides think alike ;) i've used the crest whitestrips in the past and they really work. i'm sure using all 3 methods will definitely help you out. as for the straightness, i admit i've been neglecting my retainer too :-/. we can endure the pain together though! no gain! haha