Sunday, December 5, 2010

In search of my dress-tiny: drum roll, please!

Last I left you, I was pretty gosh-darned sure that I had landed the one.  You know, the dress of my dreams,the dress that was always meant to be mine, the dress I would wear as I take my one and only walk down the aisle.  Despite the weird tingly feeling that had taken up residence in my tummy area, my consultant suggested that we try on the remaining dresses in my fitting room, since they were already there.

(I promise you that I reveal the final choice at the end of this post... no more teasing or waiting!)

I figured I'd shimmy into each of them, take a quick glance in the mirror, and become more and more certain, with each passing dress, that the lace one was it.  I had about three dresses left in the fitting room, and the consultant grabbed one.  It looked very... plain.  She explained the store had two samples of this exact dress, size XXXL and size XS (not really their sizes, but you get the gist).  She had grabbed the XXXL one, and said she wanted to go swap it out for the XS one so I could get a better handle on how it would actually fit me.  Looking at this boring dress on the hanger, I just wasn't motivated enough to send the consultant away to hunt for the other sample.  I didn't see the point of waiting for a few minutes and making this poor woman scurry about the store only to have it be a bust.  I vividly remember saying to her, "No, you don't have to... I don't think this will be the one, so this sample should be good enough."  The consultant politely wouldn't take no for an answer, and darted out of the room, as I mumbled something to the effect of "I really don't think this is the one, but, um... ok."

She returned with the XS sample, and once again, I looked at it, and... nothing.  Not bad, not good.  Kind of like looking at a glass of tap water.  You'd drink it, sure, but it's probably not the beverage you've been craving desperately for all of your living days.

Out of sheer obligation, because the consultant had been so nice through the entire appointment and had just run around like a crazy-woman in search of this specific dress, I put it on.  I walked out to my three ladies-in-waiting, stepped on the little pedestal in front of the mirror, and looked, listened, and waited.  Silence.  No one did or said anything.  Slowly, some comments start trickling out... "Hey, this one's kind of nice," and, "Not what I expected, but I kind of like it!"  To be honest, as I looked at myself in the mirror, I wasn't even sure what I thought. I stared in the mirror for a good number of minutes, while everyone around me built up their own affections for this dress.  We paired it with a handful of veils, some jewelry, some sample shoes... the whole she-bang.  And as we accessorized, I grew fonder and fonder of the dress.  I desperately wanted someone else in the peanut gallery to take that plunge of saying this dress could be "the one" first, since I was about 75% sure I was feeling it, but I was hesitant to break that ice myself, due to my scatter-brained, indecisive nature.

Then, all of a sudden, it just kind of squirted out... "This is the one."  Not an exclamation, not a question.  Just a simple, matter-of-fact, declaration.  It sounds dumb, but it was kind of like an out-of-body experience.  I remember thinking that statement in my head, and I remember hearing it said out loud, but I don't remember saying it myself.  I do remember seeing three sets of big eyes in the mirror's reflection, since I think all three of them were sort of surprised that I had just thrown the wedding dress hammer down after being little miss indecisive for ever and ever, amen.  But, just like that, it was decided, and I HAD A DRESS!!! 

So here, ladies and gentlemen, is my dress, Fanal by La Sposa.

Image via Youtique Bridal / Dress by La Sposa

Image via Recycled Bride / Dress by La Sposa

Image via WeddingBee Boards / Dress by La Sposa

Never in a million years did I think I was going to find my "dress-tiny" in that store, let alone with this style of dress.  But once I tried it on and thought on it for a few minutes, the choice was actually quite easy, even for the indecisive gal like me. 

Did you have a hard dress decision that automatically became super simple, once you donned the right dress?


  1. Hi there! I found your blog from Weddingbee, and I'm really excited to follow along!

    I just had to comment because my dress buying experience was so similar! I'll have to go back and read what else you did, but I was so matter-of-fact about my dress purchase that my mom looked a little nervous (I had teared about at 2 dresses already at this point). I think she expected more of a production, but the truth was, it felt so right, and I was so confident in the choice, I didn't get all giddy. Because it just made sense!

    Can't wait to catch up on the rest of your blog!

  2. Your dress is gorgeous! Dress shopping was such a pain, and I'm glad it's over! I had that same "this is it--am I really saying that?" moment too. (Hi from WB!)

  3. I found your blog from weddingbee too! That dress is gorgeous--so elegant! I love it!