Monday, December 13, 2010

In search of my dress-tiny: an unexpected coda!

After finally finding the right dress, I figured wedding dress thoughts were behind me, at least until May, when my dress was expected to be delivered to the salon.  Apparently "Memorial Day" is actually secret bridal salon code for "First week of December."  Who knew?  Either way, I don't mind... my dress is in!!  It's pretty much taking all of my strength to not hop into the car and drive right over to the store to visit it.  I keep reminding myself of the following reasons why I should not go over and have a date with my dress:

1) Mr. Snow Cone and I only have one car, which he uses to get to work.  I don't really think trekking 25 minutes outside of the city via the bus system is even possible... and if it is, I'm sure it's not something I'm interested in doing.

2) I have a gut feeling that once I make that first visit, I'm going to be hard-pressed to not go back AFAP... you know, as frequently as possible.

3) I don't have a single accessory picked out, and I'm kinda interested in doing one, huge bridal reveal at some point in time.  Me, in a room, by myself, in the dress, with no shoes, jewelry, or veil isn't quite the reveal I have in mind.

So, I'm going to play hard to get for a little bit.  I figure it's only fair since that little bugger played pretty friggin' hard to get with me, too.  Take that, wedding dress (just kidding I still love you)!

In other dress-related news, you can imagine my squeal of delight upon discovering that my wedding dress was making an appearance on my favorite show, Glee!!  Here's a glimpse:

Video via YouTube

(Fast-forward to 2:01 to see the dress.  Or watch the entire video and have a catchy song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  Your choice.)

In honor of my dress hitting the big time, I thought I'd send a little more pop culture bridal action your way.  Enjoy!

Collage made by me.  Sources, clockwise from top left

Friends: Image via FanPop!, Enchanted: Image via Kate's Critiques, Bride Wars: Image via Bella Naija, Runaway Bride: Image via Does the Dress Fit?, The Notebook: Image via Project Wedding, Sweet Home Alabama: Image via Project Wedding, The Little Mermaid: Image via Big Day Plunge / Clipart from Disney Clipart, The Sound of Music: Image via FanPop!, My Big Fat Greek Wedding: Image via  Project Wedding, Mamma Mia!: Image via Project Wedding, Sex and the City: Image via Gallery Nucleus / Dress by Vivienne Westwood, Father of the Bride: Image via Project Wedding

Which iconic pop culture wedding dresses did I miss?  Which one's your favorite?

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