Sunday, December 26, 2010

A little bride-to-bride advice

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, one of GG's cousins just got married.  I casually told her after the wedding that if she thinks of anything in retrospect that makes her think "Man, I wish I would have known..." or "Somebody should have told me..." that she should pass those tidbits along to me.  She's dropped a few little pieces of advice my way, like don't wear 4-inch heels on your wedding day and don't have your dress altered so tightly to your body that you don't have the room necessary to do unimportant acts like eating, drinking, and breathing.  Whenever she passed along these tidbits, I dutifully nodded and logged the advice into the recesses of my memory for later use.  However, yesterday, she gave me such a kick-ass piece of advice that I decided to act upon it immediately and share it with other brides via this blog.

One word:

This website is popular for many brides; however, I was kind of turned off and intimidated by it because I'm not exactly up to Martha Stewart standards.  I struggle to sew on a button, let alone create a beautiful masterpiece of a themed party with original recipes and hand-crafted centerpieces.  I always kind of assumed that my creativity wasn't up to snuff, making a Martha Stewart wedding out of reach for me.  I was kind of hesitant when GG's cousin started signing the praises of the Martha Stewart wedding website, but I decided to take a look.

WELL.  LET ME TELL YOU.  After about 3 minutes of poking around the site, I'm sold.  The wedding planning tools are super thorough and totally helpful.  You can import and organize your guest list, including details such as address, number attending ceremony, number attending reception, whether you sent a STD and when you sent it, what gift you received, and when you send the thank-you note, among others.  It pretty much seems like it has every aspect of guest list management covered.  The website has a bunch of other planning tools and ideas, but the guest list aspect alone is enough to inspire me to set up an account immediately. 

So, there you go.  I'm paying forward a helpful piece of wedding planning advice, given to me by a former bride-to-be.  During your planning, did you receive any especially helpful pieces of advice to assist you in your planning?

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