Monday, March 28, 2011

Nuptial Nightmares

It's not uncommon for a source of stress in your life to sneak its way into your dreams.  As a result, there are multiple stories about brides having wedding-related nightmares.  Don't believe me?  Click here, here, or here for some examples.  I had a particularly vivid one a while back about pinning on my veil about shuffling into the church in front of all my seated guests (as opposed to having a big, dramatic entrance), pinning on my veil about .0001 seconds before I was supposed to walk down the aisle, and then looking incredulously at my father while he did a combo sprint & skip toward the altar.  From what I've read and experienced, usually these dreams, like most others, are about 99% ridiculous and 1% realistic.  You know that it's silly and certainly not a reflection of your upcoming reality, but that 1% of realism won't leave you alone.  You get more stressed and anxious about silly details that were previously off your radar (like making time in the day BEFORE the processional to get your veil situated), and end up having more dreams spurred on by these crazy, borderline irrational fears.  It's an ugly, ugly cycle.

But, there's good news!  It turns out that wedding dreams are not exclusively the property of the worrying bride... wedding stress creeps into the subconscious of other wedding folk!  Last week, GG mentioned that he'd had a wedding nightmare.  In his bizarro-wedding-world, it was the night before the wedding and the suits were nowhere to be found.  He and all his dudes had nothing to wear, and as he put it, "it was LATE the night before the wedding... it was bad."  More recently, BM K tossed her hat into the dream ring when she told me that, in her dream, she lolly-gagged her way over to my house on the morning of the wedding but had actually forgotten it was the wedding day.  She thought she was coming over for some quality gal pal time, when I abruptly informed her I had other plans for the day; namely, getting married.  Cue bridesmaid dream panic attack.

The reality is that weddings come with a good bit of stress.  There are people to please, decisions to be made, finances to be managed, not to mention the emotional significance of what's really going on.  As GG said earlier today, "This whole thing is kind of sneaking up on us.  It's getting... real."  Well said, GG, well said.  I know my patience is growing thinner and my nerves are a bit more frayed, but I'm really trying to keep my cool, stay on top of the planning, and avoid any more stressful dreams regarding wedding planning.  At the end of the day, I'd like to enter my marriage with a morsel of sanity, if at all possible.

Have you had any wedding nightmares?


  1. i definitely hear ya on the wedding nightmares. i've had my share of them as well (and so has my FI). i think it's crazy your BM had a dream about it too! luckily it's all just a dream and not real. maybe you should take some time to relax and just do something fun :)

  2. YES! I posed about a nightmare I had a few weeks ago and today posted about one I had over the weekend. I think i can expect these to happen more and more as I get closer to my day!