Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Drooooooool: Our Wedding Dinner

Despite our yum-tastic cocktail hour offerings, I'm imploring all of our guests to save room for the real meal, since it's shaping up to be something fan-friggin-tastic, in my humble and totally unbiased opinion.  Rather than talk about how good the food is going to be, I'm just going to let the menu speak for itself.

First course: Chilled Strawberry Soup

Pretty pic:
Cruddy iPhone pic when I remembered I should be documenting and eating:
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Backstory: GG went on a cruise with his family in middle school and had this amazing chilled strawberry soup.  Early in our dating years, I heard about this mystical, mind-blowing soup on more than a handful of occasions.  Last year, we took a cruise with some friends for spring break, and chilled strawberry soup made an appearance on the dinner menu on the very first night!  GG likes food; he's not a picky eater.  But never in our 8+ years of dating have I seen him light up at the mention of one specific dish like he did and still does with strawberry soup.  With that type of reaction, we obviously had to have it on the big day!  Plus, our coordinator is adding a few raspberries to each serving to add an extra special touch, which is perfect since GG loves himself some raspberries.

Second course: Almond and brie salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

Backstory: Salads are good stuff.  And so is cheese.  The end.

Main course: Chicken Cordon Bleu (or a vegetarian entree), cheddar cheese mashed potato puff, carrots and green beans.

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As if that wasn't delicious enough, we're adding a little extra touch - macaroni and cheese, served family-style at every table.  M&C is in my top 3 foods.  Let me put it this way: macaroni and cheese is the macaroni to my cheese.  As my dad put it, it's my "signature dish."  Not because I make it fabulously well.  Because I eat it fabulously well.  GG is a fan of anything served family style, so we were able to appease my palette and his serving preference all in one.  Hooray!

Overall, I'd say that our coordinator knocked it out of the park when composing a meal that was delicious but still really personal, too!  Of our original list of macaroni and cheese, pulled pork, mini hot dogs, croquettes, Italian food, and raspberries, we got all of them (minus mini hot dogs that we nixed in preference of a different appetizer.  And I consider the potato cheese puffs to be a dead ringer for the croquettes I had in Spain)!  In order to help our guests understand the rationale behind these menu selections, I'll be making menu cards for the tables.  We spent all this time picking our favorite foods and introducing them in appropriate spots in the meal; we want people to recognize they're not just eating random, hodge podge food, but there's a true sentiment behind it all.  But that's a post for another day!

What are you serving at your reception meal?


  1. yummmmmmmy I want all of that! Your guests are in for a real treat!

  2. looks amazing. i NEED to try this chilled strawberry soup.

  3. All your food sounds great, but I'm especially smitten with your soup & salad choices!