Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our quest to invite our guests: round two

Even though I am admittedly no DIY queen, I brashly thought that I could manage to DIY our wedding invitations.  How hard can it be?  All you have to do is pick a size, layout, text, paper color, font(s), text color, number of inserts, envelope color, envelope type, whether or not to include extras like bellybands and wraparound labels, whether to print them yourself or outsource to a place like Kinko's.  Oh, and then after those super-easy, make-them-in-your-sleep decisions, you just have to worry about cutting and assembling the invitations, making sure to include any cool extras like envelope liners, calligraphy, embossing, or embellishments.  Oh, and then slap on a couple hundred addresses that you've laboriously hounded your friends and family for.  Seriously.  I don't know why people balk at making their own invitations, it's a piece of cake!

I wasn't so stubborn to think that I couldn't use a wee bit o' guidance in this grand DIY project.  I found this lovely site,, and it seemed to be the answer to all my questions.  Check it out: they pretty much have step-by-step ordering instructions for creating DIY invitations, which is perfect for a DIY-challenged bride like myself.  I was all set to dive in, headfirst, when I made the (un)wise decision of mentioning my grandiose plan to GG.  I tried to casually drop into conversation, just sneakily mentioning my intentions between our conversations about what to eat for dinner and which episode of Friends to watch that night.  My plan was to let him know of my project and then bunker down and just get it done, before he could object.  I would raise my own campaign of shock and awe with these invitations and my mad DIY skillz, sneaking up on him when he least expected it...

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Awesome edit job by yours truly

Well, imagine my complete and total surprise when he saw through my mastermind plan.  He heard 100% of my invitation intentions and had quite the opinion on the matter.  Specifically, when I suggested that I DIY our invitations, he looked at me like I suggested serving human feces at the reception.  No joke.  That look of utter discontent at my invitation intentions, combined with the thousands of decisions facing this pretty indecisive bride, pushed me over the edge.  I'm more of a DDIY bride... as in, don't do it yourself... for everyone's sake.

With semi-DIY and fully-DIY off the table, I figured that the only real option left was to bite the bullet and purchase custom invitations.  Until that bullet bit back.  Stay tuned!

What DIY projects did you scrap before they even began?


  1. lol human feces at the wedding. ha ha ha!

  2. "Until that bullet bit back"...I can only imagine!!!!

  3. I went DIY for our save-the-dates...but it was a bit stressful and decided for our invites (which we're ordering on Monday eeek!!) I was going to go with the pre-made wham, bam, your done route. I'll try and stay DIY with other elements.

  4. I like to refer to myself as a "buy it yourself" bride. I tried one DIY project and ended up clogging up the sink for two days (don't ask..) so my fiance basically said I was never to attempt another project. LOL.