Sunday, January 30, 2011

Decision made about the 'maids

Last time I talked about BM dresses, I was about 30 seconds from having a bridal meltdown.  I had narrowed my choices down to three contenders and then I went in circles comparing the three, hoping one would jump out at me.  And, truthfully, one did.  The only problem was that the following day, a different one would be the jumper.  And then the third one took a turn.  Honestly, each of the final three dresses had a day to revel in being "the one."  Thankfully, I had scheduled a meeting with our florist (more to come on that!) who needed a fabric swatch to coordinate colors, so I had an official deadline for this dreaded decision.

Finally, when push came to shove, I went with my gut, my heart, my whatever.  I don't know what motivated me, but I decided, and that's all that matters.  My seven lovely ladies will be donning the Belsoie L3009 in Bordeaux, as seen here:
Image via Jasmine Bridal

This dress caught my eye shortly after the first failed shopping extravaganza.  When I submitted it for others' approval, the only even remotely negative thing I heard about it was the length; since we're getting married in August, some of the gals weren't too keen on being a puddle of sweat all in the name of extra formality.  I reached into the blogosphere for some help, contacting WB's own Mrs. Jellyfish, who had originally sparked my love affair with these BM dresses.  She confirmed that her 'maids were a bit on the warm side in their long dresses, but she also mentioned that one of her friends had a Belsoie chiffon dress in knee-length and it was still a stunner, despite the abbreviated hemline.  That message sealed the deal.  We were going with the L3009, but in knee-length.

I can't even begin to tell you what a relief this decision is.  No more scouring dress websites.  No more analyzing low-quality photos of myself in oversized sample dresses.  No more making mental lists of pros and cons.  No more wondering if the 1000 closest people to me would approve of the decision.  It. was. done.  I got the dress I wanted, plus I met Mr. Snow Cone's request for short dresses, plus I met my mom's request for strapped dresses, plus I managed to get a dress that was met with positive feedback from all my 'maids (or, at least, fake positive feedback... regardless, I'm taking it!).  I am one happy bride with one less detail to plan.

How did you finally decide on a BM dress?  Or, on a more cathartic note, what was your biggest planning relief?


  1. Right now I'm just deciding on a color scheme. The girls are picking out their own dresses.

  2. Congratulations on making the decision! At first I asked my bridesmaids to find their own dresses, but they HATED that idea. Countless emails and text messages later, I decided it was easier to just pick the dress myself...

    I am still not sure if I picked the right dress but at least its done :D

  3. Congrats! The official start date for "Mission BM Dress" is the weekend before Valentine's Day...I'm NOT looking forward to it!