Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The happiest place on earth... just not for a honeymoon.

San Diego received a universally lukewarm reaction as our proposed honeymoon spot, so I decided to see if I could improve upon this idea by adding some x-factor, like an unexpected side trip to another cool part of California.  It took me about 10 minutes of research before I came upon THE BEST IDEA EVER.  Why just vacation in San Diego when you can vacation in San Diego aaaaand.....


Here's the plan.  We would fly into LA, rent a car, and spend two days at Disneyland before scooting further south to relax at the Del.  It would be perfect.  And by "perfect," I mean mind-blowingly perfect in each and every way.  Allow me to outline my plethora of reasons why incorporating Disney into our honeymoon would be amazing.

1) I. LOVE. DISNEY.  My family has been going to Walt Disney World every other year since I was just a babe, and even though I'm 23 years old, I still get absurdly excited to go back.  GG got to tag along a couple times, too!

 personal photo from 2008

personal photo from 2006

Despite my relationship with Disney World, I have no experience with Disneyland, so this would be a great opportunity to pay this foreign Disney territory a visit!  Can't you just imagine GG and I, traipsing through the park, wearing matching bride and groom Mickey ears?

(see how happy they look??) Source

2) Disney has some seriously good eats.  Sure, you can nosh on fast food from a place probably called something like "Pluto's Pizzeria," but there's way more to Disney cuisine than that.  Disney offers some restaurants with what they call "signature dining" which are definitely upscale eateries, like Napa Rose and Steakhouse 55.  So a side trip to Disneyland wouldn't require us to binge on ice cream and hot dogs for a few days straight... we could eat like grown-ups while acting like kids!

3) Kicking off the trip at Disneyland would give the vacation on a whole some more variety.  We could tire ourselves out by spending two days in the sun, pounding the pavement nonstop as we bopped from ride to ride throughout the park.  Then, we could totally relax for a week straight on the beaches of San Diego before coming back home to reality.  (OK, admittedly, reason #1 was the sole reason I really wanted to go, but I used reasons #2 and #3 to try to justify this desire.  So sue me.)

Unfortunately, my Mickey-fueled plans were not well-received.  By anyone.  Disney virgins and Disney experts alike both thought I had a few screws loose for wanting to go a kids' amusement park for the honeymoon (disclaimer: it is so much more than just a kids' amusement park, so neener neener.)  I couldn't convince anyone that I had, indeed, just come up with THE BEST IDEA EVER.  Sadly, I watched Mickey Mouse wave good-bye from our honeymoon plans, unsure of what to pursue next.

Would you ever consider going to Disney World or Disneyland for your honeymoon?

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