Thursday, September 29, 2011

Recap Purgatory

We're rounding the bend on our two-month anniversary, and so far, there's not a wedding recap in sight.  I wish I could tell you that they're in the works, but that would be a big ol' lie.  Here's the facts.  I'd love to get started on my recaps yesterday.  We have our professional pictures back and minus our thank-you notes, our wedding has officially come to a close.  However, wanting to do recaps in the very near future and doing recaps in the very near future are two most clearly different concepts.

Truthfully speaking, I'm getting clobbered by my current schedule.  I'm struggling with my simultaneous transition into a new semester (my last semester!) and a new job.  When I'm not feverishly trying to catch up on some homework or sleep, I'm trying my best to transition into that third new frontier - the whole marriage thing.  Unfortunately, all of this newness consumes a hearty portion of my schedule.  At this point, I don't feel like I have the blocks of time necessary to outline, write, and add photos to all the recaps I would hope to produce while maintaining a quality that I desire.  This tug-of-war between wanting and being able to is what has landed me in recap purgatory.

All of this, "Woe is me, how on earth could I possibly be expected to handle school and a job and a voluntary hobby all at once?!" actually has a purpose, I swear.  The way I see it, there's two options for recapping the Snow Cone wedding. 

Option A: I can start the recaps ASAP without any promise whatsoever of regular or frequent recap posts.  Sure, I could whip up something this week, but the next one may not be for 2-3 weeks, if not longer.
Option B: I can hold off on starting the recaps until my life settles down a bit (likely the winter holiday season).  Despite the delay, once the recap train leaves the station, it will be most certainly chugging full steam ahead. 

I honestly don't know which of these choices is more appealing to me as a writer or to you as a reader.  For that reason, I'm asking anyone who's inclined to vote to indicate which style of recap pacing you'd prefer.  This feedback won't be only for myself; I know other bees are interested to hear what the mass consensus is on this topic. Help a blogger out, take a few seconds, and let me know how you take your recaps - slooooooow and (maybe) steady, or delayed and frequent?

How do you prefer your recaps?
 Quick start, spotty frequency
 Delayed start, high frequency free polls 


  1. To be honest with you, I like slow recaps. I don't know why. I just never liked speedy recaps. I'm not telling you to take a year to finish your recaps, but I don't like it when they are all done in a few days either. Make sense?

  2. We will be here following along no matter which way you do it. Just do it in a way that feels comfortable for you. I started my recaps 3 months after the wedding and Once I got going, I was full steam ahead, which I didn't think would happen. But def. put the other more important things in your life first and maybe wait till things settle down a bit.

    BTW I gave you a shout out today on my blog for your great tutorial on the thank you banners you did! You gave me a great idea for my wedding and I can't thank you enough! Check it out!