Sunday, September 18, 2011

The SCs in SC: Jibs, booms, and tacking, oh my!

We knew going into the honeymoon that Mr. Snow Cone and I have very different vacation techniques.  I'm perfectly content to grab a good book and an icy beverage, plop myself down in a beach chair, and not stir for the rest of the day.  Mr. Snow Cone, on the other hand, is much more active - he likes adventure and experience and fatigue.  Given how much time we had spent lazing about on the beach, I decided it was probably time to give him a relatively active afternoon, so I let him pick whatever outdoor activity he wanted, and we'd give it a go.  Earlier in the trip he'd noticed a brochure for a sailing lesson, so once he got the go-ahead to pick an activity, it didn't take long for us to make our reservations and head out to the marina.

We took a private three-hour sailing lesson with OnDeck, an international sailing company with a branch in Charleston.  We didn't necessarily intend for it to be a private lesson; we just lucked into a little privacy because no one else booked our same time slot!  Mr. Snow Cone got tasked with steering while I working the ropes while we tacked.  It was definitely not easy for a weakling like me, but I managed to get through it.  We switched positions temporarily, but I quickly realized that steering was not my strong suit.  I decided a little manual labor was better than a lot of mental labor, so Mr. Snow Cone gladly took his steering job back from me.  We spent a lot of time learning basic sailing jargon and technique while we scooted around Charleston Harbor.  Unfortunately for us, with Irene's impending arrival, a lot of the winds had been sucked out to sea to join the brewing hurricane, so the air was a little still, resulting in some slow goings on the sailing front.  Nevertheless, we made the best of it, using the most of every little breeze we could.  Even when we were sitting instead of sailing, we had some great scenery all around us, like gorgeous blue water,

 the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge,
and the USS Yorktown.

Even though the wind shortage didn't necessarily make for an action-packed sailing adventure, I think Mr. Snow Cone's thirst for vacation activity was still satisfied.  Just look at that grin!

After a sunny three hours and lots of sailing education, we returned to land.  We ate at Red's Ice House, a local joint with some awesome seafood, pulled right from the water the restaurant overlooks.  All that sailing helped us build up quite the appetite; we managed to polish off a hearty amount of shrimp, crab legs, and fried oysters without breaking much of a sweat.

So, if marriage is all about compromise, I think the Snow Cones did a pretty good job of using our honeymoon as a kick-start to a great marriage - a little bit of relaxation for me, a little bit of activity for him, and a ton of happiness for the two of us!

Did you do anything new or adventurous on your honeymoon?

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