Sunday, November 7, 2010

And I thought I was just getting a ring!

In case you missed the first part of the Snow Cone engagement story, take a peek here.

Earlier that week, BM B had decided to host a party at her house on Friday night.  All the way up through Friday afternoon, I never planned on going, since I was scheduled to work that night.  Fortunately, BM E pulled some major strings to clear up my Friday evening so I could attend the party.  Which magically transformed into an engagement party... almost as if that was the point of the party from the very beginning!  It was such a great time, since the party brought together all of my friends from my different niches at school.  I was having an amazing time, with a dorkishly huge grin plastered across my face for the entirety of the evening.  The only thing I recognized as imperfect was that we were celebrating with all of my friends.  And this celebration was in honor of two people making a commitment to each other.  I know Mr. Snow Cone was perfectly happy to celebrate with my group, but I felt a twinge of discontent that there was no one from "Team Dude" at the party. 

At one point during the festivities, BM B demanded that I give Mr. Snow Cone a tour of her house, specifically focusing on the basement... which was a dusty, unfinished storage area.  I figured she was trying to get us out of the main party area to sneak in a surprise of some sort.  Perhaps she was sneaking in a special engagement cake for us!

Image via Cake Wrecks

Sadly, no cake, and even worse, no dismembered hand cake. Instead of cake, we got something even better!! Two of Mr. Snow Cone's best friends from Pittsburgh had driven out to surprise us!  Here's a totally flattering photo of me captured at the exact moment the surprise was revealed:

Personal Photo

In a nutshell, GM D and GM A (the two Pitt friends) knew BM B from a big, bad spring break cruise we all went on about a month prior. Once GM A found out that the proposal was going down, he sneakily told BM B about it and they arranged all the details to completely surprise both me and Mr. Snow Cone.  Kind of confusing and convoluted, but the important thing is this: in a matter of about 6 hours, I had the two most exciting and totally blind-siding surprises of my life.  Not too shabby for a Friday that started with me in cruddy sweatpants, eh?

Did your proposal include any bonus surprises?

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