Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Great Monogram Debate

After looking at an infinite number of wedding ideas and photos online, I realized that I'm a sucker for incorporating a monogram into a wedding.  I love it when it's done on a small scale, like on DIY water bottle labels, and I love it when the monogram is on a larger display, like a cake topper.  I think it's an awesome and relatively easy way to personalize your wedding look and any little wedding details.  All you need is the bride's first initial, the groom's first initial, and their new shared last initial.  Easy peasy, right?

...Not quite.  You see, Mr. Snow Cone has a formal name that starts with one letter and an every-day name that starts with another.  For simplicity's sake, let's just say that his full name is Snow Cone, and he has gone by Cone every day of his life, with the exception of super-formal occasions like graduations and the like.  So, the big question: Do you put "S" or "C" as his monogram initial??  On the one hand, S is his correct, formal initial... representative of his birth certificate name.  On the other hand, C stands for the name that 99.9999% of guests at the wedding will know him as.  What's a detail-oriented bride to do??

 Image via Wedding Path

Disclaimer: I trust that, if we go with S, our guests are smart enough to connect the dots and understand where the S is coming from.  I don't expect people to look at a monogrammed cake topper (if we get one) and stare off into the distance for minutes on end attempting to figure out where this blasted S came from.  I think what I am worried about is looking back on pictures from the day and getting tripped up on the tiny little monogram detail, thinking "Darn it, we should have gone with (insert letter here).  That would have been better."

Like any doting bride who's trying to incorporate her groom into the planning process, I asked Mr. Snow Cone what he thinks.  This was his response:

"Well, let's go with S, since that's my name."

(10 second pause)

"No, wait, C is more me, so I want to do that."

(10 second pause)

"No, no... S is formal and this is a big, fancy wedding, so S.  Definitely S."

(10 second pause)

"Geez, I don't know!  You figure it out."

So, here we are!

Right now, I'm leaning toward just biting the bullet and doing a bit of S and a bit of C.  We're using his formal name on our invitations, so we'll get some S action in that way, but I think for the little details here and there, using C makes sense for us as a couple.  I have never once in my life called him "Snow Cone" without it being a joke on my part.  As one of my BMs said, "You guys are Miss SC and C.  Period."  Even though all of this discussion only impacts the tiniest of details, I still want to settle it soon, once and for all.  Why?  So I can make some purchases and decisions now to avoid wedding stress later.  Let me show you all of the monogram ideas I've been lusting after for a few months now:

 Image via Elite Bridal Concierge / Letters by Etsy seller SpottedLeopard

Image via Etsy seller DawnsCraftStore

(I realize this photo involves names versus a monogram, but the same quandary applies.)

What do you think?  S or C?  If I opt to do some S and some C, am I committing a big monogram no-no?

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