Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cherished Chicken

When we sat down to sort out our reception menu, one thing was very clear - no matter what side dishes, appetizers, beverages, and cake flavors we choose, there's one dish that will be making an appearance on our guests' plates.  Here's a hint: it's one part chicken, one part ham, one part cheese, and all parts dee-licious.  It's chicken cordon bleu!

Video via YouTube / Footage from Fox

Here's the story behind our love affair with this delectable dish.  Alllllll the way back in January of 2003, Mr. Snow Cone and I got together with some friends to go to our high school's winter formal.  Instead of going out to dinner like most of our classmates did, the guys in our group decided to cook a multi-course dinner for the girls.  The entree?  Chicken cordon bleu.  I'd never had it before, and I'm a picky eater, so the thought of mixing ham, cheese, and chicken was kind of unappealing.  But, they'd worked and worked to make this big dinner, so obviously I was going to tough it out.  Surprise, surprise, I love chicken cordon bleu!

9th grade Mr. Snow Cone, working on dinner

The Snow Cones at the 9th grade formal. Young, skinny, baby Snow Cones.

This yum-tastic dish resurfaced when I was preparing to study abroad.  Mr. Snow Cone surprised me with a homemade dinner before I left, making sure to feature my beloved chicken cordon bleu.
I'm surprised a photo of this meal exists, since it took me about 30 seconds to inhale it.

Cooking for a girl is definitely going to win you points, but cooking a sentimental meal?  Copious points!  

Over our 8+ years of dating, chicken cordon bleu has kind of become "our" meal, if you will.  It was a no-brainer to make sure it worked itself into our reception menu.  This dish can be a bit labor intensive, with the stuffing and rolling and tooth-picking, so we're serving a deconstructed version, if you will.  All the same parts, just not in the presentation that you automatically envision when thinking of chicken cordon bleu.  Even though the look wasn't identical to most versions, the taste was, so we're good to go!

What dishes are special to you and your fiance?  Are you featuring them during your wedding festivities?

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