Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two very important words

Now that we've blown past the 100-day mark, I decided to take a mental inventory of the decisions we've made in our planning.  I wanted to make sure we weren't making haphazard choices that would result in a horribly uncoordinated affair.  I guess it makes sense to first tell you about the type of wedding we're gunning for.

Once we had a date secured, Mr. Snow Cone and I sat down to map out what we wanted our wedding to look and feel like.  We never entertained the idea of a theme, per se.  Instead, following advice my SIL gave me, we tried to decide on a two-word phrase that would guide our decisions, describing a general style for the wedding.  In a perfect world, this style would be the commonality among all of our details, apparel, decor, and the like, resulting in one impressive finished product.  We ultimately decided on "updated classics."  We're both pretty traditional people.  We like things that are familiar and comfortable.  They're traditions for a reason, after all!  At the same time, though, we didn't want our wedding day to look and feel like it could have occurred 10, 20, or 30 years ago.  We wanted a little flair to show off our personalities, making it a personal affair for the two of us.  We've decided our goal is to take traditional elements and maintain their predictability for the most part, but with a dose of originality and individuality, making them our traditions instead of wedding world traditions in general.  Ideally, I don't want people to see something and ponder, "What was that?!"  Instead, I'd love for them to bemuse, "That was so cool!"  We're using personalization to attempt to push people an inch out of their comfort zone instead of a mile.

So, without further ado, here's our six-month check-up in inspiration board form. 

Some of the pictures in it are already set in stone, like my dress, flower choice, and veil, for example.  Others are details that are still being hammered out, but these are the pictures currently serving as primary sources of inspiration. 

Sources, clockwise (more or less), starting at bottom-left: (1) BM dress via Jasmine Bridal, (2) B&W photo via WeddingBee Boards / Photo by Joi Photography, (3) shoes via Shopping.com, (4)  letters via Elizabeth Anne Designs / Photo by Jennifer Brum Photography, (5) jumping via Milla C. Photography, (6) dudes via Milla C. Photography, (7) wedding dress via Recycled Bride, (8) candles via WeddingBee Classifieds, (9) tie via Overstock.com, (10) cake via Long Island Weddings, (11) veil via Wedding Spotter, (12) bouquet via Holly Chapple Flowers, (13) hydrangea stamp via jpascarella1's shop on Etsy, (14) necklace via Ann Taylor
Collage made by me!

During the various phases of planning, I've tried to apply the "updated classics" mantra to the various decisions we've made, but I haven't ever sat down and slapped all of the pictures together in one place.  Now that I have, I must say, I'm beside myself with happiness.  I think all the pictures give me exactly the feeling I'm hoping for, and they seem like they fit together nicely, instead of randomly butting heads against one another.  If you're struggling with your overall wedding vision or not sure if it's coming together cohesively, I definitely recommend making an inspiration board... seeing it all in one place is such a help!

Does your wedding have a theme or a guiding phrase?  If so, share!


  1. Actually..I love this idea! I made a ton of inspiration boards when I first got engaged and continuing as I came to needing to make a decision on one particular item. BUT I haven't made one that already includes some of the things I've already chosen to use to see the overall picture..this is a great idea..and I'm totally making one 2nite!