Monday, February 14, 2011

Spreading our STDs

Despite the icky-sounding title to this post, it actually contains some really great news!  This morning, I dropped some very special pieces of mail into the mailbox - my cable bill, a Netflix movie, and our save the dates!  I'm so relieved they are in the mail, on their way to their new homes.

 Our lovely neighborhood mailbox, temporary home to our STDs.

I decided asking the neighborhood crossing guard to take a picture of me mailing these suckers would be more than a little odd, so I sheepishly snapped a cell phone picture of my fond farewell to these lovely pieces of wedding stationary. 

I originally hoped to have them out last week so they would have a slight chance of arriving at their new destinations prior to the six-month mark, but it just wasn't meant to be.  Who knows... maybe, because I mailed them on Valentine's Day, they'll have a cute heart postmark that will make them extra wedding-tastic.  Once I start hearing some fabulous feedback on them, I'll post a more detailed look at the STDs and the creative process behind them.

Were you sad to see your first wedding mail go into the great, blue mailbox beyond, or was it a big relief?

(all photos personal.)

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  1. I got mine!! They are so cute!!