Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You're My Everything: Snow Cone Recaps Commence!

Now that we've been old married folk for nearly six months (don't even get me started on how that could be possible!), I suppose I should kick off our recaps! I'm not going to lie - I put off writing my recaps for quite a while, for largely selfish reasons.  After the wedding, I developed this largely irrational fear that I would lose memories of the wedding every time I actually tried to sit back and remember it.  As a result, I've spent the bulk of the time since that glorious August day doing my best to do the equivalent of sprints down memory lane - recalling one very specific detail or one completely general memory, but nowhere in between. I felt like I had a very fragile grasp on what happened that day, and I wasn't willing to do anything that could result in me losing something precious.  And then, something funny happened.  All of the other weddings I saw on blogs or Facebook jogged my memory.  It was almost as if, by seeing someone else's bouquet, I developed a clearer memory of my own.  It sounds absurd and beyond cliché, but distancing myself from my own wedding by looking at others' brought me full circle to where I am today, memory-wise.  It was the kick in the pants I've been needing; I'm finally ready to sit down and delve into the recap process!

I was going to give you a smattering of some of my most favorite pictures of the day, you know, to lure you in for more.  And then I realized I probably shouldn't use "smattering" as code for "over two dozen."  Even though I'm incapable of picking a somewhat reasonable amount of favorites, there is one photo that will always have a special place in my heart.

This is the very first professional picture we received, giving us a sneak peek of all of the photographic gold that awaited us.  Still to this day, this is one of our very favorite photos, as it's a pretty perfect summary of the entire day.  Gorgeous weather, beautiful surroundings, and the two of us, completely unaware that anyone else in the entire world existed at that moment.

Thanks for your patience during the blogging downtime, and now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the recaps of Mr. and Mrs. Snow Cone!

Photo by the amazing Christina Garber

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