Thursday, June 16, 2011

Forever Young

Way, way, way back when in the wedding planning process, I came up with the ingenious idea to display childhood photos of us at the reception.  I liked the idea of having them on a static display so that our guests could mosey on over and take a peek whenever they wanted to, as opposed to halting the flow of the entire evening and forcing everyone to feast their eyes on a slideshow.  I really loved thinking of guests meandering past our photos, laughing, reminiscing, and talking about how awesome Mr. Snow Cone and yours truly are.  Because we truly are.

Anyhow, I debated with a few different display options.  My first draft included making posters on Snapfish with collages of our photos and displaying them on easels or hanging on walls.  I eventually realized that could be cumbersome with the easels, I didn't know how hanging things on the walls would work, and it just wasn't hitting the nail on the head.  I toyed with setting up a digital frame like Miss Cinnamon Bun, but that just wasn't tripping my trigger either.  Plus, it kind of diminished some of the static dimension to the display.  After brainstorming a bit more, I think I've come up with a display option that fits the bill, but I want to put it together before officially declaring it the winner. 

Even though I don't have the exact display format determined, I couldn't resist sharing some of the photos with you, since Snow Cone tots are just too friggin' cute.

First up, Mr. Snow Cone:

And then me!


See?  How can you look at these photos and not immediately want to start telling stories about your own childhood or a Snow Cone childhood?  Actually, don't tell stories about a Snow Cone childhood... you don't know me, so that would be creepy.  Just focus on your own stories.

Are you displaying childhood photos of the happy couple at your wedding?  What display method are you utilizing?

(all photos personal.)

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