Sunday, June 12, 2011

A walk down invitation memory lane

14 months ago, we got engaged.

9 months ago, I selected an invitation design (and got Mr. Snow Cone's approval on it, of course).

3 months ago, I got the ball rolling on the ordering process, finalizing the design details.

6 weeks ago, I ordered our invitations.

1 week ago, we had a bit of a hiccup in the process.

2 days ago, we got it all straightened around.

1 day ago, I sat down with a couple hundred stamps, a box of envelopes, and a color-coded spreadsheet, ready to finally finish these babies off.

2 hours ago, our beloved wedding invitations got dropped into the mailbox, ready to officially invite our guests to our upcoming nuptials.

Mr. Snow Cone, heading out the door, invitations in hand

My very own Vanna White, modeling the lucky mailbox that got to swallow our invites whole

The first drop! 

All of this reminiscing means two things.  One, our guests should be receiving their little slice of heaven (aka our wedding invitations) in a matter of a few days.  Two, I can finally reveal the Snow Cone invitations later this week!  Stay tuned...

Was your invitation process a lengthy one?

(all photos personal.)

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  1. i could cry reading this! it's so exciting to know the process of everything and now you're SO close! i'm glad your invites are in the mail and i'm sure your guests are gonna love 'em!