Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I might be a bad bride...

... but there's one specific detail I don't care about.  As in, I don't give a flying you-know-what about the finished product revolving around this detail.  As long as it serves its function, we're cool.  It could be the ugliest thing on the block, as long as it does its job.  So what wedding detail doesn't excited a single bridal bone in my body?  Stamps.

Image via MovieWeb

I'm slowly but surely preparing to send my invitations out into the big, bad world (more on that to come soon!).  Obviously, with any mailing, stamps are involved in the mix.  I've seen other bloggers lament the monopoly over postcard postage that was previously held by the polar bear.

And I've heard horror stories about brides' invitation suites weighing in at just over the limit for wedding-themed stamps like these:
 Image via USPS

... meaning they had to tack on some eyesore extra-cent postage, like the injustices you see below:
Image via USPS
Image via USPS

I just don't feel a single ounce of emotion related to these issues.  Back when I sent our STDs, I purchased a hearty amount of polar bear postcard stamps, knowing I'd have leftovers that would help me with our soon-to-be-existing RSVP postcards.  And then USPS, in an attempt to make my life a bit more difficult, decided to raise postcard postage one whole cent.  Meaning my poor polar bears have been rendered obsolete.  Thankfully, I'm not freaking out about the dozens of polar bears I have left in my arsenal; instead, I'm just planning to invest in some one cent stamps to cover the difference.  Sure, some of our RSVP postcards will have two stamps, neither even remotely related to weddings or our color palette.  And I can't even begin to tell you how perfectly OK I am with that.

All I want is to buy the appropriate postage to ensure that our invitations get delivered to their respective destinations without being returned to sender.  I don't care if they're wedding themed, pop culture themed, or bodily function themed, frankly.  I just want to spend the requisite amount of money (and not a dime more) and carry on my merry way.  

Are there wedding details that don't get your heart racing?  Where do you stand on the wedding stamp debate - do you go for looks, or sheer function?

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  1. I'm been lurking for a while but I just had to come out of hiding to agree with you on this front! I can't believe how much controversy a little square sticker could cause!

    For my part, I simply do not care about transportation. I try to care, don't get wrong. But I honestly wouldn't mind if my fiance and I just drove ourselves from the church to the reception in his little red hatchback.