Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Snow Cone Invitations!

After giving the postal system over a week to do its thang, I think I'm officially in the clear to reveal our invitation suite to the blog community.  I (personally) think the photos speak for themselves, so without further ado, here is our invitation suite from the Kissin' Krafts shop on Etsy!

Here's what guest saw on the front of their envelope:
 Taken with flash to show off the metallic quality of the envelopes

Close-up of the front address: We used Monterey BT for the names and Felix Titling for the rest.  I've decided that anything written in Monterey BT is automatically happier.  I think that font is my favorite part of the entire suite's look.

On the back, we used the same font pattern for the return address on the envelope flap as we used for our guest addresses on the front:

Inside the envelope, we had the invitation itself:

(Sigh.)  I can't tell you how much I love these pieces of paper.  Just for fun, here's a few more detail shots.
The hydrangea stamp that made its way onto my inspiration board.  OK, maybe I fibbed.  Monterey BT and the hydrangea stamp are tied for my favorite parts.

 I like this perspective shot to show off the various layers and colors

In addition to the invitation, we included an RSVP postcard.
We opted to write in the number of seats each guest was given to indicate who received a +1, and then we left it up to our guests to write the name(s) of those attending.

And here's the back of the postcard, complete with matching font pattern and the proper postage.

For the third and final component, we used a reception insert to notify guests where the party be.

Finally, here's the entire suite without the envelope:

And with the envelope:

Although these invitations didn't come stress-free, any bumps in the road were completely and totally worth it.  Mr. Snow Cone and I are supremely pleased with the finished product, which came out to be under $3 a set (invitation suite + envelope) and I have yet to tire of the positive comments our friends and families have been making to us.  I'm still amazed at how a few fancy pieces of paper can make the wedding itself seem much closer and much more real.  It sounds obvious, but it wasn't until our invitations went out that I fully realized that our guests would be witnessing our vows to one another, and that thought alone puts chills down my spine and a goofy grin on my face.  And I can't wait.

What was your favorite part of your invitation suite?

(all photos personal.)


  1. I love your suite. It's fun and elegant at the same time! Well done!

  2. these are beautiful! elegant, but still summery. also, the metallic envelopes are a dream!


  3. wow! I really love them a lot, good job! That stamp in the corners is breathtaking