Thursday, June 23, 2011

I love bachelor parties.

Before you get any crazy thoughts, let me explain.

Last weekend, Mr. Snow Cone celebrated his bachelor party with a long weekend in Atlantic City.  That left me with a couple days to kill, so I gleefully took advantage of the free time to tackle a few wedding tasks.  In addition to my flower letters, I had one other item that was very high on my priority list - the hair trial.  I don't want Mr. Snow Cone to know how my hair will be styled on our big day, so his bachelor party weekend was the perfect opportunity for me to experiment with my 'do.

In case you forgot, you can click here to see my hair inspiration photos and my accessory of choice.

In case clicking the above link is just too daunting, here's the SparkNotes version of that post.

Styles I like:

Hair Flair :  wedding accessories hair pittsburgh Scarlet Scarlet
Hair Flair :  wedding accessories hair pittsburgh Carrie carrie+
Hair Flair :  wedding accessories hair pittsburgh 182 182
Image via and Photo by Jagger Photography

Accessory I'm wearing in my hair for the wedding:
Hair Flair :  wedding accessories hair pittsburgh Sno sno

A couple hours and 40 bobby pins later, here's what I had:

Sorry for the less-than-stellar photos... I kind of forgot to have someone else take any pictures until way late in the day, so this is what we're working with.  Anyhow, there are a couple of minor changes and one major change that I'd like to make to this overall look to make it wedding-worthy.

  • We're going to shift the part a little further to the side, making it a bit more of a dramatic look.
  • Along with the shifting location of the part, we'll have more hair to swoop into a swoopy bang look to cover up some of my acre of forehead space.
  • The tendrils that are hanging down will be tightly curled to make the 'do look more cohesive.
  • I'm going to wear make-up.  Promise.
All in all, I'm pretty pleased with how this trial went!  My hair stayed completely in place for the remainder of my day.  The parts that were curled never lost their curl, which is a feat for my locks.  It was comfortable, secure, and pretty, which is pretty much all I could ask for in a bridal hairstyle.  My mom told me that I looked like Claire from Modern Family when she's all dolled up (bonus points for citing one of my favorite shows and extra bonus points for telling me I look like one of Mr. Snow Cone's biggest celebrity crushes!!)  When I returned home from the trial, my dad informed me that I looked "very bridal-y," so that's gotta be worth something, too, right?

Did you take advantage of your fiance's bachelor party weekend to knock any things off the to-do list?

(all photos personal unless otherwise noted.)


  1. definitely! My fiance's bachelor party was the weekend before the wedding..but luckily my parents came and spent the weekend with me to help me with last minute details!

  2. the trial looks great and i think with your tweaks it's going to look perfect!

  3. I wonder how he liked your 'do on the wedding day since it looks so neat and simple at the same time. Also, your dad's right. You look "very bridal-y." The bachelor weekend of your husband is truly well-spent.