Monday, August 1, 2011

Miracle in a bottle

Now that the wedding is getting absurdly close, I've been doing my best to nail down my DIY make-up based on my professional consultation.  I feel like I'm getting the hang of the application basics, but this recent stretch of scorching days has left me feeling a little less than confident about my make-up's staying power.  There's probably a decent chance that our August wedding day will come with high temperatures and even higher humidity, so suffice it to say that I'm very eager to fight off the melting make-up mayhem.

Fortunately, I think I may have found my miracle in a bottle.  Or, more specifically, my model in a bottle.

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A few months back, I was asking a family friend who had recently gotten married if she had any general wedding day tips.  Among others, she specifically stressed buying this "model in a bottle" stuff that is intended to lock your make-up look in place for the entirety of the day.  It's supposed to withstand hugs, kisses, sweat, tears, water, and pretty much any other environmental mishap.  I made a mental note of her suggestion and then promptly did nothing about it.  Then, during my make-up consultation, Julie also stressed the importance of this product.  I figured that if two completely independent sources offered the same suggestion, it was worth investigating.  The best deal I found was at Spa Alana - $18 with free shipping, so I took the plunge.

According to the bottle, all you have to do is spritz your made-up face and keep your eyes closed for 20-30 seconds to let the sealer dry.  I decided to give this spritzer a trial run today, and here are the results.



I'm definitely pleased; this is by far the most presentable I've looked at the end of a day since the temperatures decided to hover above 85.  I'll still probably utilize some oil blotting sheets to keep any excess sheen away, but I consider a little extra peace of mind to most assuredly be worth $18.

What's your go-to wedding make-up product??

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