Saturday, August 6, 2011

Paranoia happening para-now-a

One week to go!  I keep getting asked if I'm ready, or if I'm nervous, or if I'm excited, or if I'm stressed.  The answer?  Yes to all of the above.

However, I think the most appropriate summary of my thoughts and emotions at this point is worried.  I'd even go so far as to say paranoid.

Everywhere I look, there are ample opportunities to bugger up the wedding day.  I've been doing my best to grow out my fingernails and clear up my skin, but sometimes stress gets the best of me and I succumb to the urge to pick.  As a result, every little pimple and hangnail has me convinced that our wedding photos are going to have a dapper groom and a big fat pile of imperfection standing in as the bride.  On a similar note, I got a teeny, tiny blister yesterday, and I'm now positive that this will lead to nothing but pain and agony on the wedding day, which will also have an awesome effect on the quality of our wedding photos - a dapper groom and an imperfect, grimacing bride.  Ecstasy.

I'm also hyper-nervous about safety, health, and well-being.  I woke up two days in a row and felt a slight sickly feeling brewing in my throat, so it took no time at all for me to self-diagnose myself with the early stages of laryngitis, or strep throat, or bronchitis, or all of the above.  In my weakest of moments, I'm sure I won't even have the vocal strength to utter my vows (Mind you, I feel 99% fine.  That blasted 1% is majorly screwing me up).  I was taking the stairs in our apartment building, and I honestly looked at my feet and thought to myself, "Do not trip and fall down these stairs.  That would be very, very bad for the wedding."  See?!  Every day tasks like walking from point a to point b have devolved into wedding-happiness-death-traps just waiting to engulf me.

Beyond the entities I can control, I'm worried that all of my lovely bridesmaids will show up in Pennsylvania, only to realize that one lucky lady has neglected to pack her dress.  Shoes and jewelry we can scrounge up, but a dress?  I don't think so.

The good news is that I'm heading to Johnstown today to bunker down and getting this wedding show on the road.  I'm hoping that if I just immerse myself in a couple dozen small tasks, I'll be too distracted to be paranoid.  Ideally, the end product of these next few days will look something like this:

Anyone else face wedding-week paranoia?  Any tips for avoiding anxiety?


  1. Aw, girl. It's gonna be great! I know how you feel though. Just take a deep breath and enjoy those pre-wedding moments of relaxation.

  2. it's going to be great, but believe me I know how you feel!! Enjoy every minute of this week!