Sunday, August 14, 2011

"You never stopped smiling"

2000 cookies, 44 bobby pins, 14 bridal party members, 3 blisters, and countless hugs later, we're married!

Leading up to the big day, everyone kept echoing that at least one thing would go wrong, but I wouldn't mind.  In my head, I always scoffed at that piece of "advice," assuming that, minus the weather, anything that went awry on the wedding day was totally preventable.  Ergo, if something did go wrong, it would be directly related to poor planning or an egregious oversight on someone's part (most likely my own).  However, now that I've enjoyed each and every moment of my wedding day, I can confidently state that, sure enough, things don't always go as planned.  However, that doesn't mean that it's because of any one person's error.  Stuff happens; it's just life. Here's the magic of it all: even when something goes wrong on the big day, you won't mind.  It won't leave even the smallest dent in your euphoria.  And, looking back, those little blunders are permanently cemented as part of the entire wedding day process.  Without them, your wedding day wouldn't really be your wedding day, you know?

To say that our wedding day was the most enjoyable and special day in our lives is still an understatement.  The entire day was filled with powerful surges of emotion at every turn, and I am honestly awed at the mere recollection of it all.  I'm still in shock that it's all come and gone, but then I toss a casual glance at my left ring finger and so much of our special day comes flooding back to me.  

Just to leave you with a little taste of what to expect of our wedding photos, here's a quick snapshot from our post-ceremony bus ride.  It's not necessarily the highest-quality image you'll ever see, but I think it encompasses our wedding day pretty well - gigantic smiles, overflowing excitement, and two madly in love newlyweds.

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Snow Cone!
(photo courtesy of BM K)

The title of this post is a quote from a message from one of my dearest childhood friends who unfortunately couldn't attend the wedding - she informed me that everyone she spoke with told her that Mr. Snow Cone and I "never stopped smiling," which I thought was a perfect representation of how I remember the day.

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  1. You are soooo right to say that even if something goes wrong, it doesn't won't care. Nothing can come between you and your wedding day! congrats!