Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flashing forward

On a recent trip to Johnstown, I walked into my bedroom, and the whole wedding day suddenly became very real.  My eyes landed on one specific item, and all of a sudden, I had visions of getting ready, butterflies in my stomach, photographer snapping wildly in the background, a goofy grin on my face.  What singular item could evoke such vivid imagery?  Here's a hint: it wasn't my shoes, or my dress, or my wedding band.  Instead, it was a twisted piece of metal.

Seeing that hanger made it so tangible.  To be honest, it's not as though I just saw this hanger sitting on a dresser and had a flash-forward.  My blessed mom had tidied up my room to prepare it for W-day madness and had placed this special hanger on a heavy-duty over-door dress hanger.  What I saw is more than likely going to be the exact dress-hanging mechanism we'll employ on the real wedding day.  All that was missing from the set-up was my pretty little dress!  The wedding is definitely peeking out from behind the corner, waiting to unload a flurry of activity, excitement, and emotions.
What sights have made you understand that the wedding is far closer than you previously realized?

(all photos personal.)

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