Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sacramental songs: part one

When I posted about our prelude choices earlier this week, a handful of people requested a post regarding the actual ceremony music.  Given how long it took me to nail this down, I figured it was only reasonable to throw my picks into the mix, hopefully helping another bride-to-be to square away her song selections.

After talking this over with our vocalist, organist, and priest, we decided that we wanted three pieces for the processional - one for the mothers and grandmothers, one for the bridal party, and one for the bride's entrance.  We also decided to go with a more traditional, classical music route as compared to our contemporary prelude selections.  After varying amounts of deliberation, we've finally settled on our three winners.

Seating of the Mothers and Grandmothers: Hornpipe (from Water Music) by Handel
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I really like this piece, but I was a little wary that it was too peppy for part of the processional.  About 90% of the sites I poked around listed it as a recessional suggestion, but I managed to find a few that highlighted it as a processional piece.  I ran it past Mom Snow Cone, and she was on board, saying she wanted something peppy like this instead of anything too morose.  Done and done.

Bridal Party Entrance: Canon in D by Pachelbel
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I know that this wedding standard isn't everyone's most favorite processional piece, but the fact of the matter is, it's mine.  For years now, I've envisioned using this classic piece in my wedding, and the goosebumps this piece gives me haven't worn off now that the actual ceremony is just around the corner.

Bride's Entrance: Trumpet Voluntary by Clarke
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While my history with this piece isn't as extensive as my love affair with Canon in D, it's still been filed away in my bridal brain for a hefty amount of time.  My heart beats a little faster than normal every time I hear those fabulous trills of the keys, just imagining hearing that powerful anthem as the doors open and I see hundreds of adoring faces but only really see one very important face.  Wowza.

Now that we've all made it down the aisle in this music walk-through, onto the ceremony itself!

Responsorial Psalm: Blest Are Those Who Love You by Haugen (Psalm 128)
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This selection was a direct recommendation from our vocalist.  I wasn't familiar with this psalm rendition before she mentioned it, but I feel like it fits in with a wedding perfectly!

Unity Candle: One Hand, One Heart by Bernstein (From West Side Story)
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Although Broadway musicals don't always spring to mind when you're considering Catholic music, this is a nice blend of popular and religious with lyrics that are pretty darned perfect to boot.

That sums up the first half of our ceremony music pretty well!  I'll have the second half's selections ready for you in no time!

Any music twins out there?  What song is most near and dear to your heart from your own wedding ceremony?

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  1. My brother played a violin tune he composed for my wedding... Lovely! ;) Tiff