Thursday, July 14, 2011

The story of the four flutes

We're using four flutes at our wedding.

Image via Red Cedar

... of a non-musical variety, that is.

Most couples have a special set of champagne flutes they use at their wedding.  We've decided that one special set just isn't enough; instead, we're using two sets, because we're just that special.  

Way back when in the year 2010, Mr. Snow Cone proposed to me.  When he had asked my parents for their blessing a week prior, they'd handed over a bottle of champagne and a set of flutes for us to use in our post-engagement celebration.  These weren't just any flutes, though.  They were a pair of glasses that my parents had noticed me eyeing up on a previous vacation to Disney World.  Knowing I'd probably get engaged eventually, they secretly purchased the glasses, setting them aside for that special day.  So, when Mr. Snow Cone gave them the heads-up that the big question would be coming shortly, the celebratory flutes came out of storage, and Prince Charming and Cinderella welcomed us into engaged life.

I was so touched by my parents' attention to detail and forethought; I loved having a gift that they specifically selected for this occasion so far in advance!  I was all set to use these as our wedding flutes until we found ourselves in the possession of another set of lovely and sentimental glasses, this time from Mr. Snow Cone's family.

Although we weren't sure how to handle the four flute situation at first, as we really loved both sets and the sentiments behind them, the answer quickly became apparent.  Use 'em all!  So, we'll have one set serve as the traditional champagne toasting flutes, and we'll have the other set serve as our water glasses for our wedding meal.  Probably not the most traditional approach, but I just couldn't stomach the idea of using one set and abandoning the other.  I feel like it's a nice juxtaposition of the beginning of our engagement alongside the beginning of our marriage, with two of my favorite things (monograms and Disney) thrown into the mix!

How are you handling your wedding flute situation?  Any special glasses making an appearance on your wedding table?

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  1. i love the way youre incorporating both sets of flutes! :) ps...i'm a huge cinderella fan and i totally want those!

  2. I also love Disney characters!! way to go on the flutes -both sets ;) -