Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A sugary shower: getting down to business

To kick the shower off, we had some delicious (non-chocolate) food and then launched into the lone shower game we played .  (I'm not really into shower games, so I was happy to hear that we were only doing one.)  One of my BMs had sent a list of questions to Mr. Snow Cone, and I was instructed to guess his answers.  For every incorrect guess, I had to pop a piece of gum in my mouth.  Unfortunately, I didn't do nearly as well with this game as I expected, so I had a big ol' blob of bubble gum when all was said and done.

 (It looks kind of small in the photo, but the gum blob was HUGE.  And gross.  And neon blue.)

After the game, we tore into the sweets!
I'm sad to say that I started my dessert course with a "Death by Chocolate" trifle that got the best of me; I couldn't scrounge up the strength to keep nibbling on all the other delectable goodies.  It's seriously my second-biggest bummer of the shower that I didn't get to try everything.  It's my first-biggest bummer that I didn't snatch any leftovers to binge on since the shower itself.

Finally, as all of the guests and myself fell into a sugar-induced stupor, we got to the gifts.

I was really nervous about this part of the shower, since it's really easy for the present portion to draaaaag on and leave guests looking at their watches, scouting out the nearest exit.  I booked my way through the gifts as fast as my hands would allow; one BM even deplored that I slow down at one point, since I was getting dangerously close to ahead of schedule for the one remaining shower event...

Mr. Snow Cone's arrival!  Although I wasn't surprised to see him walk through the doors, I was pretty pumped about the gorgeous flowers he brought along with him.  Chocolate out the wazoo and a huge bouquet all in one day?  I should have a wedding shower every weekend!

I know these posts only offered kind of a quickfire rundown of the event and a barrage of photos, but I walked away from the shower with some new realizations about what the wedding day would be like.  Stay tuned for my post-shower bridal brain!

Did you play any fun games at your shower?

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  1. awww yay! i'm glad your shower turned out so well. ps..i love the laptop idea. i'll probably drag my laptop to my shower on the 16th so my MOH can type everything down instead of write. good thinking!