Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A sugary shower: setting the scene

This past weekend was a complete and total blur, but for all the right reasons.  You see, I decided to take advantage of the long holiday weekend by having both my bridal shower and my bachelorette party in one extravaganza of a weekend.  I'll share a bit about both, so here's the info on the shower!

A few weeks back, I was greeted by this lovely piece of mail:

Personal photo

I completely loved the entire look of the shower invitation, but there was one part that particularly warmed my heart...

Personal photo

I have a gigantic sweet tooth, and my bridesmaids know it.  Instead of asking the guests to bring a recipe for a real, grown-up meal, they tailored it to me and asked for nothing but chocolate recipes.  Mmm...

It gets better, though.  The chocolate theme carried throughout so much of the shower, like the favors of hot cocoa and a mini heart-accented whisk:

The beautiful cake:

And the dessert buffet, filled with drool-inducing cake pops, truffles, trifle, cookies, and brownies.

In addition to the cocoa heaven, my bridesmaids did a bang-up job of making the entire place look stunning!

 Photo courtesy of BM J

I've had high hopes for my shower since I selected my bridesmaids, since all of them have a great sense of style and some major organization skills.  Within mere seconds of walking into the room and scoping out the set-up, I knew even my high hopes had fallen short of the reality they'd put together in my honor.  Seeing the colors and flowers together also got me super pumped for seeing them together for the actual wedding, so that was a bonus in my book!

Did you have a themed bridal shower?  If so, what was the theme?  If not, what theme would you love to see at a bridal shower?

(all photos courtesy of BM E unless otherwise stated.)

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  1. i love it!!! everything is awesome. they really went above and beyond!