Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Make-up Miracles

Hive, I'm just beside myself.  I decided to finally take the plunge and schedule a bridal make-up consultation with Julie Marckisotto of Pittsburgh Makeup (you can also see her work with the lovely Mrs. Octopus!)  I wasn't sure what to expect since I was receiving a "bridal makeup lesson" from Julie, as opposed to her wedding day services.  Within about 20 seconds, she calmed all of my anxieties and uncertainties.  Here's an abbreviated list of why this consultation was a great, great decision.

  • Examples - As soon as I got to her studio, Julie sat me down and had me look through a wedding makeup look book.  She asked me to point out photos with aspects I liked/didn't like.  She never poo-poo'd any of my ideas or feedback, and she was super eager to make my selected work look for me.
  • Education - She then took that inspiration photo and re-created the look on me, using shades that she thought would work their magic on my Swedish skin.  She explained what she was doing, why she was doing it, and quick tips to ensure that my own attempts at the look would be as successful as possible.
  • Incorporation - Julie requested that I bring my own daily make-up kit so she could get a handle on what I use and which of my products could actually be utilized on w-day.  This was the biggest surprise to me - I was really expecting her to say that I just had to buy all new everything from some relatively expensive and high-quality brand that she's affiliated with.  Thankfully, she pointed out which of my products would work, which I should consider replacing, and where I could find good deals on her recommended new products.  Fabulous.
Enough gum-flapping.  Here's the goods!
 Immediately after the trial

12 very humid hours later

Now, all I need to do is make a few key purchases and practice, practice, practice!

Just for fun, what's your best make-up tip for other brides out there?

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    1. it came out great! i'm glad she didn't just tell you to buy all new makeup or anything too.