Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The plight of my natural coloring

When looking for some make-up inspiration, I decided I'd start with celebrities with hair color similar to my own, since redheads kind of have their own wonky coloring.  I figured make-up looks that work for ginger celebs would (in theory) work for me.

Let's play a game.  Quick, name some red-headed celebrities.  Common answers (according to Google images): Amy Adams, Lindsay Lohan (pre-druggie days), Nicole Kidman (pre-monochromatic skin + hair days), Julianne Moore, and Marcia Cross.  Now let's take a closer look:

 Image via Marie Claire

 Image via Best Week Ever
Image via Cleveland Couture 
Image via Her Daily
Image via Only In My L.A.

All beautiful, for sure.  Nevertheless, none of these photos really seem like great make-up options for me, for one main reason.  Need a hint?

The big issue: none of these popular red-headed starlets have brown eyes!  Take another look: Amy = blue, Lindsay = blue, Nicole = blue, Julianne = green, Marcia = blue.  Not a brown pair in the mix.  Plus, just to add insult to injury, I'm not really on par with their hair color.  They are all true red heads, while I dabble more in strawberry blonde-hood.  When you type "strawberry blonde celebrity" into Google images, here's a sampling of what you get:
Image via Hairfinder

Never mind the fact that both Jessica and Sienna are faux-strawberry blonde, neither of them really match my overall coloring.  Ms. Alba is a couple thousand shades tanner than I'll ever be, and then Ms. Miller has those blasted baby blue eyes again.

Apparently finding a celebrity with strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes is quite the task.  As with all things in wedding planning, I had to resort to plan b in order to find some wedding make-up inspiration from my celeb friends: girl crushes.

Did you have a hard time finding make-up looks for your natural color palette?  What celebrities do you look to for make-up inspiration?

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