Thursday, May 26, 2011

We need to practice dinner?

For whatever reason, shortly after getting engaged, Mr. Snow Cone and I sat down to dinner one night and hashed out where we wanted to hold our rehearsal dinner.  We knew with our relatively large bridal party (14 attendants), our relatively large immediate families (a combined total of 12), and whatever ceremony participants needed to be included, our dinner guest list would probably add up pretty quickly.  Johnstown doesn't offer a plethora of restaurants that have spaces large enough to hold our group.  Aside from the space restrictions, neither of us was smitten with the idea of having all of us squeezed into a room, plopped down around tables, trying to tiptoe around the restaurant staff to socialize with everyone else at the dinner. 

We wanted something that was more relaxed, with all of our loved ones able to cross paths casually, chit-chatting with familiar faces and being introduced to new ones while genuinely enjoying themselves.  Thankfully, we knew just the place - my house.

My house is the ideal rehearsal dinner setting for us - it's free, it won't get double-booked, and the owners aren't too bad to work with.  All joking aside, we decided to have the dinner in my backyard because it's  logistical gem for us - sizable enough for everyone to mingle comfortably, grab a bite to eat, and just soak in the last moments of pre-wedding craziness without being too overwhelming.  Plus, my house is about 45 seconds, give or take, from our caterer's shop, so that should help the event go off without a hitch.

Beyond the logistics, this rehearsal dinner site just works for us.  It's a great blend of familiar, comfortable, formal, casual, and fun.  My sentimental side loves that we'll be eating our last meal as an unwed couple in the same location we've watched so many movies, inhaled so many pizzas, and just spent so many hours together, working to the ultimate goal that's just around the corner.  

getting our prom on in my backyard, 2006

To be honest, having our nearest and dearest within arm's reach at the rehearsal dinner is one of the moments I'm most excitedly anticipating over our wedding weekend.  I can't wait to have the opportunity to take in the scene of my soon-to-be husband, our friends, and our families mingling on the eve of our wedding!

Where are you having your rehearsal dinner?

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