Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Presenting my bridesmaid presents

Over my months of wedding planning, I've been repeatedly humbled by my seven extraordinary bridesmaids.  None of them have batted an eye at offering support when I request it, an opinion when I need it, or a distraction when I really need it.  Equally impressive, but in a different scope, is the time and money each of them are spending in order to attend the shower, bachelorette party, and wedding.  Even though I've only been a bridesmaid once, I definitely have an acute understanding of how much goes into this role.  I searched high and low before finding a gift that I thought matched my style, my BMs' style, my level of gratitude, and my budget.

I really wanted to give the bridesmaids something with a decent degree of permanency.  I didn't want to gift them something that would be tossed out at the first post-wedding apartment purge.  I was dorkishly enchanted with them having something that would see them through many years; even if they didn't gaze upon it and fondly recall my wedding, I still liked the idea of them just having it years from now, period.  

Oh, and in addition to permanency, I liked the idea of playing up the label whore in all of us.  I don't really think they'll mind.

Tiffany Plaid Bowl ($40) via Tiffany & Co.

The way I see it, this is a pretty stellar solution.  I think all of the 'maids, regardless of their personal styles and lifestyles, can use a classic crystal bowl with clean lines.  I see them tossing anything in it from spare change to car keys.  It's small enough to fit in even the tiniest apartment, but it's large enough to serve a purpose and be a nice piece of crystal.  Best of all, in order to maintain the pristine Tiffany blue box and white ribbon... I don't have to exercise my abysmal gift-wrapping skills on these gifts!  Everybody wins!

What are you gifting your 'maids? 


  1. Gorgeous! I bought my bridesmaids little clutches off of etsy, and then bracelets for the big day. We're doing mismatched dresses so I thought the bracelets would be good to 'pull them together'.

  2. I wanted so stung really special for my maid, too. So I'm making them a quilt for them to have forever. They can use it in any room in the house and they'll always think of our experience together when they see it or use it.

  3. i love it! it's a great gift. i'm actually getting my girls several things. one will be a tote bag with their first initial on it (nothing that says "bridesmaid" cuz you KNOW that'll get tossed), flip flops with swarovski crystals, a jewelry roll (it can be used any time they travel!), and inside the roll will have their bracelet and earrings for the wedding :)