Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Inspiration via girl crushes

Without many brown-eyed, strawberry blonde-haired celebrities to look to for make-up inspiration, I decided to expand my search a bit by honing in on my girl crushes.  These women are celebrities whose style I think is a decent parallel to my own, and their natural coloring isn't so wildly different from my own to be an insurmountable issue.  I plopped down in front of my good friend Google images and started typing in random celebrity names and the phrase "red carpet" to get some good glam make-up photos.  Here are some of my favorite looks on my favorite celebrities:

 Image via Ohverly Critical
Image via Sicka Than Average
Image via Beauty Snob
 Image via Bella Cene'
Image via Sparkle Like the Stars

Looking at this compilation, it's pretty clear that I like a relatively natural look.  Nothing crazy like a big smoky eye or a crazy red lip.  I love a heavy upper lash line; to me, it's the perfect blend of glam and natural.  Then, to complement those statement eyes, just some nice dewy, peachy cheeks and a soft, pink lip.  Sure, I ended up completely discarding the whole idea of looking for stars with similar color palettes; nevertheless, I think my plan b strategy helped me to define what I'm looking for in my make-up look for W-day.

What's the most important part of your W-day make-up?  And, on a sillier note, who are your Hollywood girl crushes?


  1. i love jennifer aniston and carrie underwood is another fave :)

  2. i love all those looks! eyeliner with the soft pink lips is great :) as for my girl crush...well, she's not a crush, but my secret wannabe bff....jessica simpson. lol. i just love her!