Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You're My Everything: Getting Goofy on the Greens

One of the main draws of having our reception at Sunnehanna was the opportunity to take photos on the gorgeous golf course.  Neither Mr. Snow Cone nor I is a golfer; however, well-maintained landscaping, gorgeous shades of green, and rolling hills make for some premium wedding photo backdrops for anyone!

We started out pretty standard, with everyone lining up.  This is one of my favorite photos of the entire day.  It's the perfect combination of posed and relaxed. 

We then tried to take a bridal party jumping photo, without much success. 


Just kidding; we nailed it!

Reveling in the jumping success, Team Bride posed for some or some nontraditional shots.  This first one was inspired by a photo BM K stumbled upon prior to the wedding; I'm so glad she found it because it's such a nice way of showing off the flowers, dresses, and colors.

Team Groom decided they wanted some "artsy" shots, too.  First up: tough guys.


Then, they got a little more relaxed.

Then, the groomsmen got a lot more relaxed.

While it appears in the above photo that Mr. Snow Cone is looking at his friends with disappointment, that couldn't be further from the truth.  In fact, that is a pose of sheer jealousy.  He wanted in on the fun, so he remedied the situation.

Yessir, that's my new husband.  Being fondled and massaged by some of his best friends.  From the smiles below, though, I'd say that completely bizarre photo was worth it.

Once the gentlemen had stopped their shenanigans, Christina suggested the groomsmen hold me across them.  I can remember that request being met with initial excitement and then a lot of confusion at how you handle physically lifting up someone who a) is in a long gown, b) has a long veil, and c) is the new wife of one of your best friends... all while the newlyweds' parents look on.  Thankfully, the temporary awkwardness subsided and the men hoisted me up.  See?  I look totally relaxed in the photo.  Make sure you take special note of the groomsmen all the way to the left.  He's definitely pulling his weight. 

Not to be outdone, the bridesmaids immediately suggested a reversal of that photo.  Christina seemed surprised, saying that we were the first bridal party to attempt to hoist the groom up.  Attempt?  Please.  How about majorly succeed? 

Once we had all returned to solid ground, we did one more set of group photos with the bridal party.  Christina instructed us to hold hands and walk a few yards down the hill while she snapped away.  You'd think that a group of 20-somethings would be able to follow that simple set of instructions without any difficulty.  And you'd be wrong.  We kept lining up in a few separate lines, then big blobs formed, then some single-file line action occurred.  Finally, we got our act together, marching forward and making comments like, "What, you don't dress up in formal wear and walk around holding hands with 15 other people on a typical Saturday?  What's your deal?"

 Sigh.  Look at that sky.

By the time we came back up the hill, we were all kind of losing focus, laughing our heads off and having a jolly good time.

We dismissed the bridal party and snapped a few more portraits with our families.


Now, none of us can remember the context for this photo.  As a result, my family decided that this picture captures the moment that Mr. Snow Cone realized he was officially stuck with my kooky family for the rest of his days.

Finally, we were done with group pictures on the golf course.  We hopped into a golf cart and followed Christina down to a more secluded area of the course to snap some pictures of just the two of us.

All photos by the amazing Christina Garber

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