Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You're My Everything: The Snow Cone Wedding Crashes a Field Trip

The full bridal party hopped onto the party bus and headed about three blocks away from the church to pose for some pictures at a true Johnstown landmark - the Inclined Plane.  Despite the shortness of that drive, we managed to squeeze in some celebration.  GM A and Mr. Snow Cone popped some celebratory champagne...

Photo by BM K
...while I tried to avoid the flying corks.

Let the celebrating begin!

 Above 4 photos by my brother P
Mr. Snow Cone and I shared some newlywed smooches and showed off our new rings.
 Above 2 photos by BM E

Imagine our surprise when we pulled up and discovered that the Incline already had a good number of visitors for the day; namely, a group of Amish families.  It was quite the spectacle to see a few dozen 20-somethings in formal wear climbing off a mini party bus to mix and mingle with some Amish tourists.  Take a look:

"Crash an Amish field trip" was most definitely not on my list of expected wedding occurrences, to say the least.  We decided to just roll with it, and we hopped off the bus, with Mr. Snow Cone taking charge of "booty duty" as we fondly called it all day.


Just some newlyweds and Amish tourists, hanging out on an average Saturday afternoon.

 Above 3 photos by my brother P

Thankfully, our lovely photographer asked if they wouldn't mind temporarily relocating away from the observation deck to allow us to snap a few quick pictures.  They happily obliged, but everyone continued to stare straight at us while we did our picture thing.  Their change in position didn't cut down on the weirdness of it all.  As we were all posed and taking formal portraits, this is what we saw staring straight back at us.
Not Amish, but still a random bystander, blatantly staring at us 
Photo by my brother P

Even though we had an unexpected audience, and we were more surprised than upset about it, our bridal party quickly found the silver lining.  Taking formal portraits while looking out upon stone-faced Amish faces was such a bizarre situation that you couldn't help but laugh.  In between shots, we were all giggling to each other about how ridiculous this entire situation was, producing some really great smiles in some really great pictures.

We sent the bridal party back to the bus while Mr. Snow Cone and I took a few more photos.
Photo by my brother P


We wrapped things up pretty quickly, as we felt like we had displaced the Amish tourists for long enough.  Mr. Snow Cone and I quickly headed back to the bus... 

...while the tourists resumed enjoying the Incline's observation deck.  That is, until another bridal party pulled up right behind us.  Tough break for the Incline tourists!

All photos by the amazing Christina Garber unless otherwise noted

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