Friday, March 30, 2012

You're My Everything: Just the Two of Us

After dismissing our families and bridal party, Mr. Snow Cone and I had some private time for pictures.  This was the first time we had, just the two of us (plus a photographer, of course), since the day began.  It was so nice to have a little span of quiet and privacy in the midst of the crazy, hectic day.  We started out on the upper part of the golf course, where all of our group shots had been taken.

I know this one is strikingly similar to the photo above; however, I love how it's a little less posed and more of a candid shot of the two of us looking at each other.  Just a sly little glance, but that moment always puts a smile on my face.

The week leading up to the wedding, my good ol' friend kept increasing the likelihood of precipitation for our wedding day.  The day before the wedding, I think we clocked in at 70%.  Looking at this sky, though, I think it's safe to say that forecast was just a smidge off.  About an hour after our reception ended, the skies did open up, though!

We were fortunate in that Christina had photographed her first wedding at Sunnehanna the week prior to ours.  She knew exactly what photo locations to use and took charge, which worked out wonderfully.  We hopped into the golf carts that Sunnehanna provided to us, and ducked onto a lower, more shaded hole on the golf course.  As we started posing there, a somewhat impatient golfer asked that we be quiet while he teed off.  Apparently the long white gown doesn't get you a total pass on your wedding day!

The hole we visited had a rustic fence, so we started there.

Once the less-than-enthused golfers had played through, we took over the tee area, resulting in some of my most favorite pictures of the day.  In fact, this first one below has evolved into our official wedding portrait, making the rounds on Christmas cards and the like.

If I had to pick one photo from our wedding day to encapsulate our relationship, it would be this one.  I love how we're both sporting goofy grins, mid-laugh, and we only have eyes for each other.

Mr. Snow Cone got a short reprieve from posing when he got assigned to fluff my veil for a few more bride portraits.  I don't think he minded one bit.

This photo below always strikes me as quintessentially western PA.  I love the rolling hills in the background, combined with all the different shades of green and blue.  We were so lucky to have such a perfect day!

Finally, our hours of picture-taking came to an end.  The new Mr. and Mrs. Snow Cone hopped back into our golf course and headed back to the clubhouse for the cocktail hour.

... but not before suffering an ill-timed golf cart crash!!

Ohhh, just kidding.  Christina asked us to pose like we were about to crash, and we didn't miss a beat before immediately making these faces.  Now this photo was the one selected for our first Christmas card as husband and wife.  Much more fitting, I do believe.

All photos by the amazing Christina Garber

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