Thursday, March 22, 2012

You're My Everything: Taking a Saturday Stroll

Once we were done interrupting field trips, everyone hopped back onto the bus to make our way to the next photo destination, which was a historic tree-lined street that runs down a relatively main Johnstown thoroughfare.  Given the traffic that would likely be making its way up and down this street, we thought it would make the most sense for the bridal party to stay on the bus while Mr. Snow Cone and I hopped out to pose for some pictures.

First, we started out in the grassy median, which is a pretty standard location for wedding photos on this street.

Christina instructed us to walk and talk, so we did just that while she snapped away.  As you can see, some cars were passing by, and we were showered with celebratory honks and thumbs-ups.  We were kind of like a small-town celebrities!


After just a few pictures with us posing in the median, Christina suggested we go over to a sidewalk for some more photos.  Both Mr. Snow Cone and I were kind of lukewarm on this suggestion, because the median is where wedding photos get taken on this street, period, end of discussion.  We were so lovey-dovey in our newlywed stupor that we just played along, figuring we'd take some sidewalk ones but would still end up loving our median ones the most.

Wrong.  So, so wrong.  The median ones are great, without a doubt, but the sidewalk ones blew us away.  I frankly didn't know photos taken on a relatively random residential sidewalk could turn out so nicely.  Somehow, Christina managed to capture about 10 different shades of green in the background, highlighting the beautiful trees that have made this street famous.  More impressively, she managed to make the street look secluded, instead of the main drag that it is.

We started with some cool perspective shots, with each of us in the background or foreground.  I'm really fond of these because we as a couple are featured (duh, they're our wedding photos) but there's attention being paid to each of us as individuals, too.  It kind of breaks up the sameness of the together, together, together wedding portraits.


Christina played with some cool focus effects while we smooched away.

Next, it was time for Mr. Snow Cone's solo shoot.

While he was posing, a breeze went by that was just strong enough to puff up my cathedral veil.  Sorry for stealing your solo-shoot thunder, Mr. Snow Cone.  I guess a dreamy veil trumps a dreamy groom.

We did the "walk and talk" task again, producing some of my favorite shots of the day.  We just look so playful and undeniably happy!  


We took a break from smiling, to give our faces a rest, while Christina snapped away some detail shots.  

My bouquet charms - the bees and my wedding date disc,

my bouquet,

Mr. Snow Cone's boutonniere, 

and my "something old," a pin that belonged to my late grandfather.

With all of our pictures complete at this stop, we made our way back to the party bus.  Next stop: the reception!

What did our bridal party do while stuck on the bus?

Above 2 photos by BM J

Enough said.

All photos by the amazing Christina Garber unless otherwise noted

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